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star gaze lily

I would like a couple of summer flowering shrubs for the back far corner of the garden. We back onto fields so it is very open, so because of this we need something that would stand wind and all other elements. It gets the sun nearly all day and into the evening. Any suggestions please.....


Guelder rose? Or is that more of a small tree?

star gaze lily

Flowers look quite attractive pansy, but it is described as a tree growing to at least 12ft. Also it has poisonous berries, I have a new little granddaughter so thats something I'll have to bear in mind. Sorry, but thank you anyway 

star gaze lily

Hi jo, I have a couple of these in my garden already. I love them too, didn't know them as Pheasant Berry though. And funny enough there are a couple of new plants shooting through near the veg patch......that will have to be moved! That could solve one area lol! 

Would still like something new though  



Lilly have you considered Lavatera the Mallow plant.  They are child friendly and very colourful for months on end.  You can get them in pale pink, white and a darker pink. 


That one I am trying to ID, very tough, evergreen dense, the birds love to hide in there in winter. Just don't know yet what it is for sure!

star gaze lily

RB, yes they are lovely, did have one once, but it did do very well. But could always try again. Thank you.

Lol Lyn, glad its not just me 


SGL - I'm looking for a similar shrub for one of my borders but it needs to act as a bit of a windbreak for other plants in the border (the wind is funnelled down the side of the house straight onto said border - a lot of stuff doesn't like it there).

I am considering one of the tougher, fairly fast growing, evergreen shrubs (perhaps one of the laurels) and maybe growing one or two clematis into it for some mid - late summer interest. Would that suit your situation? Don't know if anybody has any views on whether or not this would be successful?

star gaze lily

Thank you Topbird that's a good idea, I might have a think about that.  On my walks round the village, there is a shrub I really like but don't know what it's called. That would be perfect to have a clematis growing through it. Will take a pic of it next time I go past! 

Had also thought of a Black Lace, to put down the bottom too.


Would like to see the pic SGL - I am quite undecided about what to go for. It has to be fairly tough (without being a huge thug) and be reasonably interesting year round as it will be quite close to the french windows & on display all the time. 

I have a Sambucus Black Lace a couple of metres from the 'problem' spot. It is a little more sheltered from the strongest draughts and is doing extremely well. I suspect it could stand a more exposed position - especially if kept a little more compact with spring pruning (like a buddleia). I cut mine down to 4" (yes, inches) above the ground this year to encourage it to bush out. It is now 3m high . Next year I shall prune half & leave half in the hope of getting some flowers.


Escallonia? Or one of the evergreen berberis, Julianne, Darwinii , Stenophylla?

star gaze lily

Yes of course Topbird, I'll pop out tomorrow weather permitting. Its just an evergreen, no flowers and I would think of the fir tree family.  But so delicate and more shrub shaped than tree. I've been looking on web but can't see anything like it.

Thank you Hosta, will google them 

star gaze lily

Topbird, will try to get a pic today if it stops raining 

Hosta, the Stenophylla looks quite nice, the only thing putting me off is its thorny.

star gaze lily

Topbird, just got these two pics. Would like to know what its called as I can't find the exact one on websites. 

Sorry its not letting me put pics on at the mo, will have another go.



Thanks for the pics SGL - I'm afraid I don't know what the bush is - some form of conifer obviously.

I can see that would work at the back of a border - unfortunately it's probably a bit large for my spot. Think I shall be checking out various forms of laurel and euonymous - bit boring I know but I can keep it nice and tidy and shape it properly which is going to be quite important.

Thinking about your spot - I have a rose called Roserie de l'Hay. It's a rugosa rosa so tough as old boots, disease resistant and has heavily scented lovely deep pink / burgundy flowers. It will make a dense shrub over 2m high & is described by David Austin as one of the very best rugosas.

Mine was smothered in blooms in June / July. It was deadheaded regularly and is ready for a second show now. I expect it to flower on & off through the rest of the summer. The perfume fills the garden on a warm summer evening. It also looks good when it is just foliage - but I'm sure it would stand a clematis growing through it for additional flowers.

Hope you find something you like