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This year I have made Gooseberry, Damson and Pear wine. I am NOT a very knowledgable or experienced wine maker, so any advice is welcome. The Gooseberry is looking quite clear, the Damson is gently bubbling away, but the Pear is going mad; luckily I have the very big 'demi-john ' standing on a large gravel tray as it has been bubbling out of the top for the last 3 days!

I find the problem with wine recipes is that they give you the outline, but not the specific measurements (like how much yeast and yeast nutrient EXACTLY)


I don't think you need exactly for wine artjak.

Gooseberry was one of our best, a natural secondary fermentation. Lovely.

I  used a large brewing bucket for the initial wild fermentations then airlocked when they had calmed down a bit


Nut, the Gooseberry didn't go mad, so that is a bit worrying, but I made it in early July I think. But it never bubbled much. I won't bottle it yet in case there is that 2nd fermentation. I've racked it once from the big demi-john into 1 gallon ones, to make room for the Pear in the big demi-john.

It is the Pear that is worrying me; all those bubbles coming out of the airlock and liquid pooling on the gravel tray beneath.


Remember as a child when my Dad's crab apple wine all shot its corks the same night - we thought someone was downstairs with a shotgun


chicky Many years ago I had a boyfriend who made beer and his bottles did the same; we were ankle deep in beer the next morning



Bottle the gg artjak when it stops sending bubbles through the airlock. The secondary fermentation is just a nice little fizz on the tongue when you drink it.

All wine doesn't go mad initially. Just a good mess when it does.


Thank you for that Nut


I can check it for you when it's ready artjak


You are soooo kind

I've got plum wine on the go and I've just done a blackberry one

My plum wine spent a week in the bucket and then into the demijohn, where it's been for 10 days and is still bubbling, roughly every 30 seconds there's another bubble popping up into the airlock. I don't know if that's a good thing or not

its a beautiful colour though  


Fruitcake, my friends laugh, but I have made little 'jackets' for the red wines in their demi-johns out of black-out curtain lining so that the sun doesn't bleach the wine, which apparently affects the flavour.


Artjak what a brilliant idea.

long time ago an old fella told me that the reason my gooseberry wine blew their corks in the loft. (Yes it did sound like rifle crack. What a mess) is that the wine starts to 'work' again when that particular fruit is in season.So maybe that's why Gooseberry and Plum are going mad at the moment. They will calm down.

The best wine I ever made was Tomato wine, it tasted like champagne. 

Now I'm really going to sleep. Night. 

No expert

First time ever to make wine this year. used 10 kg of strawberries to get juice to fill 4 demi-john. nearly ready for bottling. Think it will be strong!

Sorry artjak, I thought I'd replied to your post about jackets

what a fab idea! I might just have to do that  

Have not made wine for many years but I remember Pear Wine made a great sparkling wine , had to wire the corks to the  bottle to stop them blowing

Would not worry about the Plum and Gooseberry wine still fermenting , it's a natural process

best of luck 



My father in law used to make tea wine. You could not feel your legs from the knee down after one glass, good stuff.


 Demi-johns in white coats


Shall I make one for you Nut?

Nut, the gooseberry wine that you recommended that I bottle, is not very clear yet. Thought I would leave another month, rack again and hope it clears a little more?


If it's clearing you could let it continue to do so artjak. I let mine ferment right out, no bubbles going through the airlock, before I bottled, however long it took. But it's all a long time ago so don't rely on my word. 20+ years