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Was wondering if anyone has done any gardening today?

What with drooling over seeds catalogues, reading gardening books and watching The Big Allotment Challenge, I just couldn't resist getting into the greenhouse! 

I've made my annual mistake of sowing a few seeds way too early! But who knows, maybe they will come good. I've done some Chillis, Cosmos, Lupins, Tomatoes and Sweet Peas. 

Attempted to potter in my beds outside but it's just far too cold! Couldn't feel my fingers! 

Back inside to look on my favourite website, and maybe do a bit of planting out planning In my garden journal.

What are you folks up to?


Does picking a rosebut count?


Oh, and I got some canes out of the box and tied up my huge amaryllis bloom - indoor gardening


Defo Dove! 

What is a rosebut though?!



Wish I could but it's 2c and snowing in the NW 




I've been to GH's and put extra fleece on the plants. Also lifted a pot grown Choisya sundance inside as we have a very cold night forecast and in the past I've lost one. 

Does that count Tootles 

p.s. Also put something in a compost bin 


Yep I reckon that counts Kef.  

By heck, it's great to see a bit of dirt under the old fingernails!



I had a good look round and made some mental notes of jobs to do ( I must write it down) picked over the pelargoniums in the greenhouse and then went to top garden and shouted at what ever it is that's digging holes and eating plant roots it looks like a lot of mini bomb craters up there.

i am now armchair gardening 

Victoria Sponge

I've had an exciting afternoon!

Last weekend I had to dig up lots of plants so the workmen could fix my fence (wind) and today I've spent a bit of time arranging the pots on the ground where I want to replant them. It makes me feel like a proper gardener

Seems to be a bit of space left over so now looking at small climbers to buy


Too cold here in Cheshire to do any gardening. I have checked the bird feeders and made a hole in the pond ice for my fish. I suppose that doesn't count though!

Victoria Sponge

Thanks for reminding me daydaisy- haven't done the bird bath


I thought about going out and cutting back raspberry canes but it started to snow as I put my coat on. Only lasted about 5 minutes but I took that (and the unmelted frost) as a sign that it was really too cold to venture outside. 

Do good intentions count.....?? 

Made coffee & walnut buns instead 


Went to check the rhubarb I had planted as we had a beagle appear in the garden from nowhere, head down to the end of the garden and come back sometime later with something in its mouth, and disappear.

Just picked some spring onions and celery from the Potager - Still can't believe we are still eating salads. beetroot finished now apart from odd feeble leaf. Otherwise just admired spring growth. Hope it's dry tomorrow, weeds everywhere!

gardenning granny

25 minutes before my fingers were so cold I could not feel them! just long enough to remove the dead leaves from a large clump of montbretia and cut back some michaelmas daisies (don't tell me - should have been done weeks - nay months ago) and then bury the remains of something that I think a fox had left in the garden - looked like a rabbits ear - the rest of the creature was there three days ago but had mercifully disappeared by today.  Oh and then take a canfull of water to the GH for all the pots of bulbs which are now growing, and plants which are overwintering.

now - off to Wyevale for some half price fatballs for the birds.


Have tidied round and done some weeding. Snowing now, so the fire is lit and the armchair has beckoned

Does going to the allotmemt to check on things count? 


KEF.   If you have a Wyvale GC near you they have tons of seed spuds, First and second earlies and main crop. Shelves full of em.  Also selling them loose which Iv not seen before. 

I bought a small tree, don't ask which sort as its still at the GC til tomorrow as I couldn't get it in car with oh and shopping.   Some seeds, a White Rhodde , slug pellets and of course some Charlotte seed spuds. 


I had a wonderful morning up in my butterfly garden, fighting monster brambles and dead bindweed that were stopping me admiring my hundreds or may be thousands of snowdrops now and the lovely cyclamen coum.  The sun was shining and the sky bright blue but it was cold cutting up the brambles for the green wheeliebin which was emptied this morning.  I always have the urge to fill it right after it has been emptied.  So glad I did as it rained in the afternoon but I did enjoy the film on BBC! - The Wind and the Lion. - made you feel warm just looking at Morocco.



Watered the indoor hyacinth bulbs and checked the plastic mini greenhouse where all looked fine.  Fed and watered the birds and took the dog out. That's it because the ground is still covered in snow.

Wonder what the beagle found Gardenmaiden?

It's not good that your fence suffered in the gales but good that you can start afresh with your planting scheme Victoria.  I have yet to feel like a proper gardener.