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Just thinking about trying it next year and would sow in September anyone grown it? is it invasive, look nice etc?


I have never grown it, though I have often meant to try it. I think it looks really pretty. 


I grew a smaller version of linaria this year and it has been very successful. Will try to post pics 2morrow

Lion S

Oh, they're lovely, cairnsie. And they're absolutely not invasive, they are annuals. I've sown them in between thrifts of Stipa tenuifolia, among other meadow flower-like plants, and it looked stunning. I used a seedmix called Linaria maroccana 'Northern Lights Mixed'.



sounds good do you have any pics flowerchild or artjak I was thinking of growing it with cornflowers etc


Lion S

Sorry cairnsie, no photos I'm afraid. I don't even have a camera

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