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RC I've no fungi knowledge, bet plenty on the forum have. Replied so you stay near the top of new posts. Think Dovefromabove will reply.


Hmmm, afraid that looks like Honey Fungus to me.

Don't panic - it's not a total disaster - there are plenty of plants that are resistant to it - it just means that you need to do a bit of research before choosing new plants.

I've visited lots of lovely gardens which have obvious honey fungus in them. 


It is honey fungus.

It's not all doom and gloom though, there's several different species / strains of Honey Fungus and only a couple of them are virulent pathogens, the others are harmless decay fungi that only feed on already-dead wood. Since this is on an old stump going by the picture, it's more likely to be one of those harmless strains than one of the pathogenic ones that attack living shrubs/trees.

Thank you all for your replies much apreciated,is it poisinous at all,and yes is growing on old stump of a large willow that had dies 3 years back.



Hi Raymond, not it's not poisonous if it is Honey Fungus which is in fact edible, but I wouldn't risk eating it unless identified in-person by an expert.  Interestingly there aren't actually that many deadly fungi in the UK, but there are a lot that will make you very ill.


Absolutely agree with Bob - honey fungus is edible but I wouldn't do a positive ID from a photograph - but please rest assured that any children or pets using the garden are not in danger from it. 

hi there new to the site

yep i think honey fungus too 

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