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Good evening.

I need some advice. I have lived in this house for 6 years, their is a beautiful magnolia tree, which when blooms has stunning pink goblet flowers. Height is maybe 30 feet tall. approx 3 feet from the magnolia is an old apple tree, which is in the shade of the magnolia. Produce from the  apple tree is minimal to say the least, I think the best solution is to cut down the apple  tree and buy a smaller patio type which i could TRY to grow into a cordon.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


I agree goldfinch2 - the apple will never do well planted that close to a mature Magnolia.  I guess whoever planted them didn't realise just how big some Magnolias can grow - a common oversight.  Modern grafted Magnolias are much more well behaved.  I grow a number of apple trees grafted onto dwarfing rootstock and they are very productive - there's a huge range of 'patio' fruit trees these days so you should be able to find something which will suit whichever way you wish to grow one.

Thankyou  for the advice BobtheGardener,I  do feel guilty about cutting down an old apple tree, but i will just have to do it.

i have decided to get some  patio apple trees, maybe a pear tree also, not sure of cherries, i dont think they would do much-here in Manchester, uk.  


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