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I'm going on holiday for three weeks May to April

I come home on the 12th April Do you think I would do any harm in starting My seeding campaign from the 12 th or would you start the campaign as directed  on my seed packets.

I have a long list of seeds to start from rudbeckia to Lobelia 


hollie hock

I always use the instructions on the seed packets as a guide so I think there is some lea way from the times on the packet. Some seeds can take a while to germinate so it might be a couple of weeks before you see them pop up


I am leaving most of mine till april, if its the same as last 

year, i couldnt plant out till June anyway and by then the early sown 

plants where getting straggly.


They will germinate quicker because hopefully it will be a bit warmer. However, i do find that lobelia benefits from early sowing, could you set those before and ask someone to keep an eye on them.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Lots of failures come from starting too early. I learned this lesson years ago, and you will be fine with a later start.


Thank you I will write a list down later




Woodgreen wonderboy

Remember how cold March 2013 was... we were all late, and soon caught up for a wonderful show.


I'm sewing later this year. As Woody says, March was bad last year, I had stuff that needed to go out and it was far too cold. Same went for my toms & cumbers, should have been in GH on staging in early May, had to re-pot twice and keep in conservatory until the end of May.  Things usually catch up.


Last year was nightmare I lost a lot of seedlings to the weather or had to keep them in and they became straggly.


this is a incomplete List as I still have to list my Toms and chillies 




Aquilegia mckana giant mix 
Californian Poppy Single Mix

Canterbury Bell Cup and Saucer mix

Carnation Violet

Dahlia Dwarf double mixed

Dahlia pink tuber

Dahlia pompon mix

Dahlia red tuber

Gazania Sunshine Mixed

Geranium maverick red 

Geranium sprint red

Hollyhock nigre single

Mexican hat


Michaelmes Daisy Aster novi-belgii-mixed

Mountain Cornflower Centaurea Montana

Nassturtium empress of India

Nassturtium tom thumb

Red Hot Poker

Sun Flower ruby sunset

Sunflower Autumn Time

Wallflower Single Mixed




get the aquilegias sown now James and put them somewhere cold, outside, cold GH, coldframe


Got it worked out (grab a screen shot and save as a JPG)

The black line is when I'm home I will now make a complete list flower and Veg in the week


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