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Lavender Lady

Have been looking at Morrison bulbs in my local store.  They are very cheap only £1 for a small bag so wondered if anyone has tried them.  They have all the summer flowering ones -  I was tempted by the spring flowering bulbs in there in the autumn but not tried any yet.

Bunny ...
I haven't tried bulbs but I have had a couple of shrubs over the years which did really well .

Chances are they are cheap because they are last years spring flowering bulbs that are left over, which means its unlikely you would get any flowers from them this spring if they haven't been planted yet. Do you know what bulbs they are?


Gardening Grandma

That would be true if they are reduced. If it is the original price, then if Morrisons are willing to put their name to them they are probably of a certain quality. Reduced bulbs are, in my opinion, a good buy and a cheap way of stocking your garden; you just have to accept that they will flower next year and just recover from the late planting this year.


I think you will find they are summer flowering bulbs,I didnt see any dafs or tulips in there.  I buy most of my stuff in Morrisons they are fantastic plants and bulbs, Buy what you like with complete confidence. Their summer bedding are very good as well, if you haven't got time to grow your own seeds.



The plants/bulbs in morrisons are less expensive IME.

Nothing wrong with them, just usually smaller bulbs cf than from other suppliers so they will flower ok, but may not have as many flower spikes as  the larger, more expensive bulbs.

BTW dont forget to ask in the flower section for their flower buckets- they sell packs of them for 99p. Very useful for all sorts. J.

Lavender Lady

I think i will go in and stock up then - they sound ok - they had all the summer flowering bulbs incl lily which I love.



Plants in Morrisons are also a good deal - shrubs £2 each and perennials last year £3 for 2 I think.

Lavender Lady

This forum is so good, it is helpful to get other gardeners feedback . 


I've had great results from Morrisons, bulbs, seeds and perennials.


They also have little pots of Tete a Tete daffs for 50p at the mo. 3-4 bulbs in each. Those were my Valentines' card from OH. J.

They have loads of lovely clematis at the moment, for only two pounds, grow one up a tree for summer colour.

I bought 2 Camellias from Morrisons about 6 or 7 years ago. One, Camelia Morrisonii alba is in a large pot, the other, Camelia Morrisonii Rubra is in the ground. They are both glossy, big and flower profusely each year. See how handy latin is? The only labels Morrisons had on them were Evegreen Shrub white and Evergreen Shrub red 

I have bought quite a few shrubs from Morrisons and they have all done well, including honeysuckles and clematis, bought spring bulbs as well, planted last autumn.  Will let you know how they all do


The only thing I would say is make sure to buy plants that have been recently brought into the store. Plants don't like being inside the store with the heating for long. And this applies to all places that are not garden centres, not just Morrisons


I struggled with growing clematis for years, but now have 4 growing quite happily. What changed was the planting regime. As a general rule they need their roots in shade and head in the sun. I put a stone or brick over the soil.

Here's advice from the British  Clematis Society


Sue H
I have bought allium bulbs from morrisons. Did really well and flowered same year. Have started growing again tnis year. Good value I thought, compared to garden centre prices.

I havent tried Morrisons but have had success with bulbs and seeds from Poundland. Its true that they are not as good quality as you would get in garden centres but if like me you are on a tight budget then you can get some pretty good results.Poundland had some seed packs of 8 varieties of bedding plants and they were lovely last year. Just TLC and patience!