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hi, I have never tried to grow sedums from seed? are they easy to grow.. any tips and advice would be very welcome


Lis, I don't know about growing from seed, but if you break a bit off an existing plant and place it in some cutting compost it should romp away


They're so easy as art says - break a bit off and stick it anywhere and it grows! 

so its worth buying a couple of plants to get me started then


Yes, are you planning a sedum roof?


I am looking into it yes, but from what I have read up on so far I will need to get  brick built shed with a flat roof strengthened first.


On another thread this p.m., I have mentioned this; I may change from domestic heating oil to gas cylinders for my Central Heating. These Cylinders need fireproof housing Hooray; I can have a sedum roof. I'm thinking zinc or galvanised steel, covered with sphagnum moss and a little compost. I saw it on a tiny shed of one of my clients, a wooden shed, I doubt if the roof had more than 2" of soil and it worked very well.


Oh, his roof was not flat; it had quite a slope on it.


Sedum seed is tiny and very hard to collect. I used (when my eyesight was a lot better) collect it for the Sedum Society and it was not easy to distinguish the seed from the chaff.

Sowing it, if you can get some seed,  is fairly easy. Fill your pot with a good well draining compost, put a layer of tiny grit on the top, sow the seed on the gravel. Put the pot in water, leave until the water soaks in. No heat needed, just try to keep moss and liverwort at bay by watering with tap water.

As said easier to buy a few different plants and split them up. Go for Ss. acre, album, kamtshcaticum,spurium and other low growers. Also include some Rosularia, and of course a lot of Sempervivum and Jovibarba.


Berghill, thank you so much for that information

Orchid Lady
Liseals, I can confirm they are easy to grow, I have never taken a cutting off anything and grown it. The other day when weeding, I found a baby Sedum just lying on top of the soil with roots on. It wasn't near the other plant and I didn't put it there so can only assume that it was left over from last summer when I was tidying the garden up and must have pulled off a tiny bit if the Sedum in error. Anyway, it is now planted in my new border

What is a Sedum roof, I think I must have missed something?

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