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Thomas Wilkinson2

Hi all, I've had these since last summer - they are so good! they flowered all through the winter! and still going strong! I was wondering if they are some kind of daisy? (osteo spernum right?) and can I take cuttings from them? I'd love to grow more of them since they seem to do so well!

Many thanks in advance (since you are all so lovely and helpful on here!)




cuttings off osteospermums take quite easily. the main problem is finding an unflowered shoot.  You might have to prune it a little, wait for new shoots and use them. It needs free draining compost, so mix MPC with 50% perlite or grit.

Just cottoned onto this.  Yes, osteospermums but the more tender ones

I take cuttings in the autumn sizeable potted plants now.  It's not so easy to get non flowering shoots as every piece seems to have a flower bud.  So I take cuttings on otherwise suitable material and remove the buds.  Rooting is it as fidget suggests with 50% perlite.

(I will also take cuttings soon from my potted plants and expect rapid rooting to make garden size flowering plants this summer)

Edd, green tulips, green hellebores including Corsicus, green envy echinacea but what about green coleus?  I had some fantastically coloured green ones last year. 




Yours are really nice colours . I've got a white one; mines doing great as well!

Thomas Wilkinson2

they seem to be some kind of super flower. I had some of that colour too but they gave in over winter unfortunately. very pretty though! 


I know... they're so nice

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