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Hiya smokin

On the contrary, fruit amd veg is doing really well for me.   Very little rain, lots of hot sun and growth ...with most everything bountiful.


We have had good weather this summer in S.Yorks England but I've had a poor crop of peas, first to develop were good but rest poor.  They were planted into good soil conditions and well watered all season  Got runner beans and courgettes coming out of my ears

Mark 499

I have had bumper crops of Gooseberries & Blueberries, the Rhubarb has grown huge, apple tree is laden , so yes a good year for me.


In East Anglia we''re having a really good year - long dry spells, occasional rain and lots of sunshine   

We started off harvesting a good crop of garlic in July.  Now it looks as if we're getting (fingers crossed) the best outdoor tomato crop I've ever had, also fabulous outdoor cucumbers and chillies, great courgettes and  the squashes look promising.  Lots of salad veg (Cos, Little Gems and various salad leaves) with rapid germination and few problems.  Carrots and beetroot have been good too.  

At the moment we're picking a very tasty and heavy crop of yellow wax beans, and the runner beans are setting well and we'll be picking those in a very few days.

As for fruit, gooseberries were great, the raspberries are cropping really well and the figs are fabulous.  

We don't have plums in this garden, but the hedges round about us are full of cherry plums and it's a really heavy crop and next doors apples look as they're going to be really good.

If we had summers like this every year I'd be very happy   I really have nothing to complain about this year.

Woodgreen wonderboy

The early start to the season (no late frosts, ground water high and warmth) plus the high summer  heat and almost complete lack of rain here in Hampshire has meant a lot of things were very early and then went on hold. Today's downpour may just kick start everything back into action. I hope so. 


KEF, could we have a picture of beans amd courgettes coming out of your ears? 

(always eaten runner beans raw but yesterday someone complained my beans made her sick.  She said we are not supposed to eat them raw...?  .  It seemed she and her son had quite a feast of raw beans.  Anybody experienced such a reaction to raw beans?  I don't spray, use chemicals ...or even slug pellets ...on veg plot.


It's the bean seeds Verdun - they contain something that can make us poorly if they're not cooked - it's the same reason that you have to boil kidney beans after soaking.  Apparently some people are more susceptible than others.  

It's been a good season for me, despite getting started on the allotment so late. I started clearing it at the beginning of June, by mid June I had cabbages and caulis planted, beetroot, sweetcorn and potatoes, all of which are doing very well and we will be eating our first home grown cabbage tonight! We've been picking beetroot for a few weeks, dwarf beans, radish and lettuce too

I am in Bristol, we have had a very dry but hot summer this year. 

Tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies, peppers and melon in the greenhouse at home all doing very well too. My only disappointment is my fruit trees. Of 6, only an apple tree has produced anything. One of my cherry trees is confused and in blossom again now, and my plum tree is growing from the bottom upwards! 

Most stuff going great guns here in the West Mids, but some things are small despite looking incredibly healthy, sweetcorn, wax wax beans and borlotti beans all really short ????

Not moaning, i can live with short plants, have loved the weather this year

Potatoes & apples are poor but everything else is doing very well. I am thrilled with the way everything has grown so well, especially runner beans, tomatoes & cucumbers. About to plant my winter cabbages and kale.

Its been a good year so far, its started well with good crops of broad beans and peas and is continuing with all the root crops and brassicas(with the exception of caulis, didn't water enough) doing well. Celeriac has good size roots for this time of year. Overall probably the best year since we took over this allotment 4 yrs ago.
Here in Cornwall we have had lots of sun and not much rain. Broad beans and peas were very poor and spuds got blight! The insects were late and now we are getting really good crops of runners, french beans, tomatoes and onions. My neghbours are reporting similar results.

I don't grow veg but I've been given some lovely courgettes, beans, chard by friends so assume all is well.

Hello Winniecat, another from Cornwall. I think the guys in England doubt we get so much sun and little rain 


'a poor season'-in a word - no 


This has been my best ever for crops of fruit since I moved in 6 years ago. Very early start to season with mild winter followed by ample rain and plenty of sun [ sounds contradictory I know] produced big crops [except Red currants which were poorly with mystery problem] of gooseberries, black currants , strawberries and now Blueberries. that's in North West England. The useless Goji berry failed to flower again.

Being this is my second season for growing on the plot-its been simply fab. A lot of the veg has been a 'first' for me and I'm still so excited and the taste-unbelievable.
Excellent performers so far: Peas Strawbs tomatoes (loads but still green) beans and rhubarb.

Most crops have done well here in the Fens, but greenhouse toms are tasteless (outdoor Marmande are superb though) Quince tree has only one fruit, but quite a load of pears ripening now. The first runners came through shaped like this - C, which was odd; they have reverted to normal now Flowers are the tallest they have ever been, which means a fine crop of canes holding them up. Soft fruit has been brilliant.

Rhubarb gone mad, so loads in freezer. Dwarf beans doing really well, Rasperries still going and getting a second flush of flowers. Potatoes (in pots) brilliant crop, so all in all, not a bad year. My only disappointment has been my apple trees after a good year last year-only three apples on one tree, and two of them have fallen off!!

Some apples to an every other year thing, apparently it happens if they have a really heavy crop one year and dont have the energy the next

Really interesting to hear how other parts of the country have done