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Sounds like an hour well spent, Mike. Glad you seem to be feeling more cheerful. Hope the waterworks are improving!

I went there for real a few weeks ago, it was beautiful, but to be honest the crowds of people also there made it very difficult to enjoy it fully. I think watching it on a DVD is a far better way to see it properly!


I used to live close to Sissinghurst and visited every couple of weeks, marvelous when you can see the changing seasons.


I try to get to Sissinghurst a cpl of times a year but your right (especially in spring and summer) the crowds are just too much and can spoil the whole thing - get there really early (the gardens open later than the estate for some reason but they tend to let you in before the official opening time) the lights better anyway 

In fact I was really impressed by how Highgrove manages this by having timed entry slots and small groups. Then again though Sissinghurst is free for members - Highgroves only free for "the" family members though I have to say its worth every penny - When you think what a concert or play tkt costs these days..


Unfortunately for some but if the crowds werent there, none of us would be.

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