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I live in the Yorkshire dales and have noticed that some ash trees are still not properly in leaf.  Some have their full leaves, others a small showing and some struggling to put out a canopy at all

I know that some years ash trees are late but now we are in June ?  I wondered if anyone else hade noticed this in different parts of the country.  Just hope I am not creating  false alarm and hoping that the disease has not spread


p.s. sorry about the unseasonal photo - have tried everything in my power to amend in settings but will not have it !



We're in Norfolk (right in the middle of Ash Dieback area) and have two mature ash trees at the bottom of our garden.  They were very slow to come into leaf this year and one in particular has only just filled out - Nutcutlet also mentioned that her ash trees were very late into leaf as well.  No signs of any dieback (fingers crossed) just very very late for some reason.  Also mine haven't flowered this year, so no problems with ash keys and seedlings later in the year.  Last year was a bumper year for them.

You'll be quite a bit later than us so I'm sure your ash trees will be leafing up soon.

It must be good news, after all the weather saying is, "If the oak be out before the ash we will only have a splash, but if the ash be out before the oak we shall surely have a soak."

No matter what the Met Office tells me, I'm expecting nothing more than a splash 


One of mine is dropping its leaves. Not sure if this is ash dieback. How long has that been around?

We've had 2 trees over the past 10 or 12 year that have had a major leaf drop in early summer. They haven't died but there was some die back. One looks very good now, 10 years later. The other still has some dead bits up there


We  saw some Ash Dieback in saplings and coppiced ash in hedgerows at Foxley Woods - it was horribly unmistakably awful - they looked obviously diseased 


You can have a look on Barnsdale day Dove, see what you think



Thanks for that - Dovefromabove reassuring news, and hope we don't see any further harm to  any of our trees.

I found your quote quite poignant for me - my late mother who always got a bit mixed up with this saying (and many things) had a more abbreviated version than yours but the same, so I have got two to go at ! We hope they are right

'Oak before Ash' summer sash !

'Ash before Oak' summer soak !

Best wishes - Louise


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