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 usually the colchicums begin blooming in the middle of sept followed by the crocus in october, but here they are. ive never figured out what triggers the bloom-its not temps as they remain in the 90s here.  some years the bloom only starts in nov. to quote mr. henslowe-its a mystery.


I did try to grow them. I spent a lot of money on buying them. Two weeks after planting them the badgers dug them up and ate them. Every one of them. Never again.


don't mean to be smutty, but a very, very classy ( older)  lady once said to me ( re Colchicums)

" They're like old men's willes: hide away forever, then appear most unexpectedly and demand attention, once you do pay them attention, they flop and disappear and hide away again."

Orchid Lady

LOL Hostafan....hilarious  

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