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Bubba Ray


We have visited Bakewell a few times this year and last time we were there we discovered the Bakewell Garden & Home Fair on 24th Aug and we are thinking of having a look. I was just wondering if anyone has been to this one and is it any good?

A link is below

Many thanks




Bakewell is constantly hosting fairs and shows and exhibitions and galas. Some of them are good, some a total waste of time. I remember the first Food Festival. I imagined lots of stalls selling olives and unusual vegetables and  rare delicatessen items. I should have known better - kebabs, chips, coffee to go? This particular fair hasn't registered with me in previous years - is it a new venture? 

If I were you, I'd spend the afternoon of Sunday 24th August going round the Secret Gardens of Bakewell. It's in aid of Oxfam. Every year the organisers choose a different part of the town and the owners of the houses open up their gardens to the inspection of a lot of nosey neighbours and other visitors. Last year it was £4 for about 10 gardens or so. 2pm to 6pm I think. Plus a small plant stall run by Great Longstone nursery. 

Bubba Ray

Thanks Pansyface, the last time we were at Bakewell was for the food festival back in April and it wasn't too bad, lots of local produce but the Mrs loves Mr Bees shop . We have only just discovered Bakewell recently so not sure if its a new venture.

Not worked out a plan of action yet for 24th as it's about 1hr 30mins drive to Bakewell from ours.

Bubba Ray

Well, just checked the weather and looks  for Sunday 

Plan of action will be to have a look round the show ground and see if we can pick up some bargains.

If anyone else is there I'll be the one with a King Charles in one hand and a shed load of plants/bulbs etc etc in the other! 

Robin Bishop

I was hopping to go to this to show of all my great new idea's and products but sadly i have become ill so i cant make it this time but maybe next time.



Don't worry, it's raining anyway!

Robin Bishop

Well as i felt bit better today i decided to pop to see what it was like and well its deffo  not worth bothering with its just another boot sale hyped up to be a garden fair. 

Bubba Ray

Was very disappointed, 200 stalls my A###! 

As Robin said it was more like a car boot, only 3 or so plant stalls and only about 30 stalls in total. Thank god the toy and train fair was on but we did enjoy Bakewell as a whole (as always). Roll on Sunday 7th Sept as there is a plant fair at Ness Botanic Gardens 

Bubba Ray

Cheers David,

Chatsworth is another place we love to visit but unfortunately I'm working on Friday  DOH!

Bubba Ray

Off to the market then David?

I hope the weather picks up for you on 8th Sept.

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