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No freecycle in my area the last time I tried - will try again.

Thanks for your advice RD - will let you know how I get on.

I have tried to have a look but mostly in the midlands area. Maybe you should start a page between you and your friends. People post 'I would likes' others post free to a good home. Think you just have to be specific that it is no cash etc, just grifters and receivers! 

David Matthews2

Here in sunny Pembrokeshire there's a semi-local county Freecycle site which my wife and I have both given to and gained from over the last several years.

The latest 'acquired' item was a 6x4 aluminium greenhouse (from two streets away!). Having been granted the item, I first dismantled it and then 'walked' the sections along the pavements back to my own rear garden access. [I took the car for the 40 odd panes of glass!]. It's now been 'transplanted' onto a new patio area [all slabs gained in a previous freecycle bid].

 We've offered all sorts of useful but, to us, surplus items; photographic kit, (old film stock and empty albums), plastic flower pots by the bagful, various items of furniture including bookcases, bedside cabinets, mirrors and bedframes!

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