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Break, I wouldn't have cared if, after greeting her, she had blanked me. I know from what you have written that you were living under the same cloud as I was and also know what it's like for that to be lifted.  Just wish I had done it sooner.

GF, did toy with the idea of getting one of those contraptions but went for the jugular instead.  The owers had to be brought to account for their irresponsible behaviour. I found the statement by them, that the person who had charge of him for the fortnight whilst they were away hadn't found he barked unnecessarily, to be a bit of a fib, as I believe this person was the one that actually cured him of it.  Just showed it can be done.When he starts now, I hear someone clap and he stops.

Just read your thread Mr D and as I write the hound of the baskervilles across the back has just started his 3.30pm howl!! He knows the kids of the house will be back soon! Thank heavens it's only occasional & he's stopped now. Hope some of the remedies mentioned get the result your hoping for.

Am in the throes of a similar problem but not quite so bad,  Neighbours are unapproachable (according to all others around) and I don't fancy a reaction of verbal or physical abuse which I think would be the case. 

Contacted Environmental Health who wrote back with form and time/occurance sheet. We have 1 month to complete and if they feel it is warrented further action can be taken. They also contacted neighbour with complaint (anonomous).  Very quiet today!!  We'll see if peace continues.

Why should peace and tranquillity if a neighbourhood be ruined by one selfish, thoughtless individual.  RSPCA if animals are suffering.  Good luck  


Must just respond to you Catbee.  The neighbours I complained to have lived there for 27 years.  We were friendly, I have watched their girls grow from babies to teenagers, was even invited to wife's 50th birthday party.  However, following my most polite letter which started with me apologising for having to broach the dog issue, I encountered absolute hostility!  Had to tell neighbour, after he had nigh on knocked the door down, to change the look on his face and to tone his voice down. Totally lost control. He's a teacher too!! I have lost all respect for them but will not ignore them or let them ignore me - just out of spite!!

So, in your circumstances, I truly think you took the right course of action.


Does anyone have a spare grenade for sale?.



 This could mean war...........



Hello Catbee

Just a couple of suggestions:

1. Get some photocopies of your blank time/occurrence sheet (or create your own on computer) so you can continue when the first one runs out, or your month runs out.

 I would hope you would still be able to get Environmental Health intervention even if the dog(s) didn't start up again until after the first month had finished. You might want to check this with the EH.

If you had a full record of subsequent re-occurrences of noise nuisance I can't see they could ignore it.

2. I watched a tv programme some years ago where they had found success training dogs to stop barking with an essential oil contraption on their collar that emitted its fragrance as soon as the dog started to bark. Apparently, the dog becomes distracted and intrigued by the new odour it immediately detects and stops barking to search out its origin.

No idea what it's called, though, and I'm not sure if you can get the same sort of thing for the shouty owners! 


diddy.. yeah they work.. the dogs just run other way.. only way know battteries need changing is the dogs dotn run off...

hubb says the ones that can be fixedinto trees. etc can be run on both battery and electric.. and they have a larger range... we are getting one so that the dogs wont wanna come along the footpath outside ours.. and hopefully it will stop the dog mess..

what made us do it was we were laying concrete base for our new path.. we hd the front gate open to do this.. (the main front  bit is in a recess off the council footpath) and we had spent 3 hours mixing and laying this stuff and were doing final levelling.. when a bloody pitbull came running in trying ti get in the gate over me.. and of course ran on the wet concrete and then back out.. so the whole lot had paw prints.. my hubby went bolistic.. really did.. the owner said sorry and said it was our fault for not putting up signs.. so i asked if the dog could read.. she said dont be stupid... i said i am not.. you were too far away to have read the signs to stop the dog in the first place.. then she said well.. you.. you.. you should have fenced it off.. i said what the council public footpath.. or our own private path we were working on when your dog tried to jump in over me..

so told her signs state dogs to be on leads at all times on public footpaths.. she went off.. hubby shouting at her all the way "Put your bloody dog on the lead then" but she didnt.. and everyone dog owner who passed us after that passed  snide comment.. callin us evil and nasty and twats and our own fault for not having signs up and fencin to stop people..

well i really couldnt believe it.. we cant block of public footpath and when we had finished it we fenced it off across our path..were so fed up had two peoples dogs do it.. the first one didnt even say sorry.. andthe concrete that had already half set has been ruined.. as we couldnt do anything about it after the dog had ran on it..

dog owners round my way think they own the place.. they throw the balls infront of walkers and happily watch their dogs nearly take people out who dont know they coming up behind them at speed,they dont clean up the mess and they moan at eveyone else using the path.


                 let's stamp it out now,shoot the owner's,the the

                        Wow i feel better for that,now where was i.





the tidy gardener

this all makes me so sad to read. why cant we all get on?

i have a problem with my neighbour, we dont talk now . she has 2 dogs that she thinks her son walks whilst she is out at her new job, he they bark, and are getting fat! my dog goes mad when they are outside, but as soon as she barks,she is told off,and knows she has to go inside,and she does!!

dogs cant talk so bark. people shout instead of barking.

would having a dog license help?probably not as the police/council dont have the manpower to go and check everyone who has a dog.

guns are not the answer tho.

smile,this irrates the hell out of them!


Sorry claire your right in what you say,it is the owners that are to fault.My dog does not even make a noise when she is outside while they are barking.they are all out from the early hours,and the poor dog's are left to their own devices.I bet it is different when he is out at the weekend with his shooting buddies.I walk my dog three times a day without fail come rain sleet snow or sunshine.You do not have pets as a garden ornament,thats what gnomes are for.

Thanks Birdy13 - had planned to take copies. I'm sure that it will start up again after a week or two. Think the complaint is working for now. We have kept dogs in the past and never had a problem with them . so right, it is the owners who need to be brought to task


I am bidding on a alarm to see if that will stop the noise.the problem is, what will it do to the wildlife that i get in my garden,does anyone have one of these?


No idea of the effect on wildlife of these, but it was thinking of that that stopped me getting one of the sonic mouse scarers for my shed.


I have one hat goes in the ground and was bought to deter cats. It has a frequency range that you can set for different animals, maybe your one will too? I think it worked, hard to tell as I tried EVERYTHING to stop them using my pots with bulbs in as their toilet - holly, sharp stones, chicken wire over the top of the pot (which they lifted up, went about their business, and then replaced (no lie)), cocktail sticks, pepper dust, and finally ground coffee (which I think did the trick). When I chased a cat out of MY garden its owner (neighbour at the bottom of the garden) had the cheek to tell me it was her cat's garden before it was mine! Sorry, did your cat sell me the house? I think not! 


Sorry, know this is a thread about dogs, but grrrrrr! Just had to share!!



Luckily for me I do not have any problems with barking dogs, and I am so sorry for all those that do.  Cats is also my major problem, but there are plenty of threads about cat problems so I will not start. 

However, I will add my humble opinion: Diddy, you must get this problem sorted out.  Your neighbour is making your life a misery.  By all means try the sonic thing but if that doesn't work, what will you do? You have to complain to the council and to the RSPCA if you are worried about the dogs' welfare.  I seriously doubt you will end up being shot, but if you are worried about it, lock the doors for a few days and be ready to phone the police at the drop of a hat. 

I know it's annoying when you have to sort out problems that you have not created and force others to take responsibility for their own actions, but if you don't this problem will just get worse.  If you ever wanted to sell your house, you would have no chance if dogs are constantly barking.

Just in case anyone is wondering, I love dogs.  I would love to have one, but my job means it would be alone for most of the time and I would not be able to walk it properly on work days.  So I don't have one.  I personally wouldn't allow most people to own dogs as they are not able to look after them properly, then we would solve the problem of most of the dog mess in public places, people being bitten by dogs that are not trained properly, and noisy dogs making neighbour's life a misery.  When I retire I may get one, but not before.

I wish you luck.


the sonic sounder is ok.. i think it might deter foxes but it is designed for dog hearing.. and many show owners use them i believe to train their dogs.. but not sure only waht it said on the add.


Oh ok Gf thanks for that.

Does anybody else wish to add to this on how they work etc


We have a yappy westie next door to us and although the owners take it out regularly when they put it in the garden it barks constantly until they let it back in.

They let it out very early every morning and it's yaks & yaks & yaks all the time it is out. The promblem is amplified during the summer because obviously we have the windows open.

My OH is up at 5am every morning for work so at the weekend the last thing he wants is to be woken by the b****y dog. One sunday morning last year we were woken very early so OH shot out of bed and went round to ask them to bring the dog in or stop it from barking. The disgruntled neighbour said the dog only barks when there is someone out the back to which OH replied "yes us in our own garden".

In fairness they don't let the dog out so early now however it still barks all the time it is out. To make matters worse their son now plays the trumpet and is relegated to the conservatory to practice...and we thought we had problems with the dog barking!!!!!!! 


Oh forgot to mention...we tried the hi pitched deterrant things to stop the cats coming into the garden. We're not sure they worked on the cats but they definately worked on our son and his friends  Apparently the older you get the less able you are to hear hi pitched sounds so the younger visitors to our house could hear it. So if they went anywhere near it they said the noise was awful so we felt it only fair to dispose of it after that