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HI, I have a bay tree in a huge pot & about 5ft tall, its has lots of new leaves which I havent trimmed back yet as its now the size I want it (ive grown it this big from less than a foot tall). Over the last few days i have noticed it is covered in wasps & what look like blue bottles.  Can anybody tell me why as I am allergic to wasp stings & a bit scared to go out in the garden at the moment.  Thanks in advance


The wasps will be after any insects on your bay. It may well have aphids on it and wasps eat them....Blue idea.


Joolz, are you sure they are wasps and not harmless hoverflies?

They may be after aphids, so check that the young leaves aren't being attacked by greenfly.

I have the same problem, is there something I can spray the bay tree with that wont harm it but will gwithin of the wasps?


flowering rose

sure they are not hover flies or small bees?



Definitely wasps


I also have the same problem, wasps and fly's!! Odd!!! Anything that can be sprayed to clear them?

Find the nest by watching them fly home and get a guy in to destroy it! I disturbed a nest a few weeks ago and got 15 was stings up my t-shirt!


I'd give the baytree a good hosing down with water - should remove aphids or honeydew or whatever the wasps and flies are after and won't harm the tree.

I wouldn't fancy using bayleaves in my soup if they'd been sprayed with insecticide.

My bay tree is also attracting wasps here in Devon and also my son inlaw's in Bath. My answer to get rid of them is to  use your vacuum cleaner (cylinder type) and just suck them up! It really works a treat and kills them quick and - you don't get stung in the process. Try it!





I have the same problem in my garden near Cambridge. I suspect some form of aphid on the bay leaves but there are no obvious visible signs.

In the past I have used the vacuum cleaner techniqe to remove the wasps, wirh a squirt of insecticide into the suction hose every so often. This makes sure that the wasps are killed and don't fly back out again when the vac is turned off!


If you really need to get rid of them them Dovefromabove advice is the best, give the tree a good water spray.  However the wasps are doing the same thing by eating the aphids and when they run out of food they will go away.

Please don't kill the wasps they are a very necessary part of the food chain.  They only sting because they think they are being attacked and it's their way of fighting back. 


My bay is fine but Mums about three miles away in Somerset,is also covered in wasps and small flies.I would estimate over a hundred wasps a couple of days ago.

HI I have the same problem with bay trees  wasps and blue bottles every summer

I have sprayed them for Aphids a few mins ago i also get a black stickey substance on

the leaves i thought thats what the wasps and flies where after we have washed the le

aves with soap and water did not solve the problem


never had this prob but told crushed garlic washed over or sprayed if poss should send em off, interested to see if it works ,and you can get some garlic for a pound from s/market not a lot to lose, and lots to gain if my friend is correct,
good luck


wasps will place caterpillars and aphids into a single cell containg the eggs they have laid, seal up the cell and when the larve hatch in the cell they have food for them to eat. i have had lots of tiny striped caterpillars in my garden munching nigh on everything, also my bay tree which has never suffered before! the wasps are foraging for them they are larve food! wasps also eat flies and their larve, which helps us and our enviroments they also drink nectar so help to pollinate our yes wasps do have a rightful place on our planet lol. near the end of summer wasps will find sugar from anywhere that it is available to them, they will rob hives and mug bees eek! if you kill a wasp the smell from the dead wasp attracts and aggrivates other wasps which can lead to you being stung, wasps can sting you more than once, so dont kill em , flap your arms about just walk away. hope this helps to shed some light on the wasps habits and life. tara a bit  

My bay is covered in wasps for the first time this year.  They are definitely wasps not hover flies and I can see no aphids or any reason for them to feed on it.  I will be getting rid of the bay and buying from the supermarket in the future as I am allergic to the stings and they have interrupted every outdoor eating experience this year.

I live in Somerset and my standard bay tree is also covered in wasps.  I believe they are called tree wasps and appear to be smaller than the usual common type of wasp.

I also understand that, although most people don't really want them in their gardens, they are a good to have around as they eat the pests.




Woodgreen wonderboy

Isn't the natural world endlessly fascinating... we will never have all the answers, thank goodness

I've had wasps on my bay tree leaves for the first time this year. I have been baffled because the wasps seem drunk after visiting the trees. Also the leaves are being eaten, which can't be the wasps? After reading around I have just inspected the underside of the leaves and found small yellow scale insects. Scale insects exude a sweet sticky substance called honeydew. Maybe this is what the wasps are after? So how to get rid of the scale insects and what to do about the decimated leaves