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Alina W

Goodness, we do chat, don't we?

I've only just logged on today, and it's taken me ages to catch up!

Hello to everyone new


Sotongeoff, it was vine weevils. Well, wasn't actually. Too leggy. Turned out they were early chafer grubs thanks to advice and link to close up grub piccies. The chooks loved them, so did the robins. (The grubs not the piccies).

Hello Alina W. I'm new. (-:

Alina W

And a warm hello to you too, FloBear

I've lost count of how many ex-BBC folk have arrived here now - does anyone have an up to date number?


Evening All! 

Managed to get here at last from, you know, the previous forum?

Hopefully some of you may remember I tried to give you a laugh over my first attempt of growing carrots!

Looking forward to all your excellent posts.

Alina W

And I look forward to seeing yours, Zulu.

I do hope that your carrots fare well this year



I'm trying something different this year which I haven't tried before.  Carrot tapes.

They've been in almost three weeks so far but nothing to be seen as yet and yet, the carrot seeds sown at the same time are showing.  I've even got 15 seedlings!!

Not trying tatties this year.  I can only grow them in pots and finding it more trouble than they're worth in my limited space.  Trying other veg instead.  Where's the sun?

Alina W

On holiday, I think.

Your tapes may take fractionally longer as they need to be dampened well - not that that should be a problem in the current weather!

Now, where's Grajean? I know she's joined here....

Hi Alina W

Glad that we have not lost you .I always look for your comment and advice.

Mike W


I have arrived!

I am  having the same problem as Zulu with carrot tapes, not a sign of a seedling so far but plenty of rain so could the seed have rotted?


Hi folks

Just thought I'd drop in and see where everyone was off to.  Off to peruse a few threads now. 

Alina W

I thought I'd answered - oh, well.

Mike, you don't get rid of me that easily

Grajean, glad that you finally made it, and Piggin too.

I've arrived too! Thought I hadn't, but seem to be OK now - thanks to advice from "You now what" forum. Used to be "Perennial Grass" but have gone off them, now that my penisetum hasn't reappeared....

Sorry about the missing "k".......


Welcome to a different world -now you have come through passport control


Hi Berkley. What missing 'k'? 


Oh dear I am useless using this site please help me!

I have received emails saying I have had responses but where do I find the replies? I am going around in circles!

Alina W

There should be a link within the email - copy and paste that into your address bar and that should take you to the thread.

Shrinking Violet

Click on the link on your Email Grajean:  that will take you straight to the thread where you had posted.  Click on "view first unread post" top left and it will take you to the end of the thread where you last posted - and you can then read the replies and any other new comments.


There is a sign at the top of a discussion that says "view first unread post" with a green arrow -clicking on that helps

Anyone else find the 20 posts per page a little bit clunky?