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I reckon we will fit just fine, most of the good and the just are here, and probably those who were here already are happy gardeners too - it will just take a bit of time to learn how to get around.

Do need to disable as many of the responses as possible though, as filling my in box at an incredible rate!!

Katiejane wrote (see)

Hay I made it !!!, had to change my user name though - use to be gem ( goodearthmother) not posted for a long time, busy year, but I have been lurking in the undergrowth reading what you have all been up to.  This new board looks OK, lets hope we fit in well

I was just thinking about you the other day Gem,  I was trying to remember which poster's had fallen by the wayside and you sprung to mind,  it has been a long time since you last posted but it's nice that you are still around so hang around and post as most of the Beeb's members are over here now.



I'm finding it a bit confusing here but I expect I'll soon find my way around. Looking forwrd to tomorrow's programme - it seems to have been a long time since last Friday 

Bookmark this page. You can then read about who has joined and still access other threads.


Hello all.  I was sad to see the BBC board close, but thankful to receive all the info on where to go -- huge thanks to those who took the trouble to provide the info and links.


Alina W

Hello, Grayfleur, and to all the people I've not said hello to. Nice to see you all

I'm sure you'll get used to here quickly - the "Latest Posts" at the top left of the page is very useful.


Hi Grayfleur, Katiejane and all the other safe landings.   Every time I see someone else make it here I wonder just how many of us have done so. Must be around 150, though I am not going to try to count everyone! 


Hi Goldilocks, Alina, Obelixx, and everybody else. Decided to sign up too, since you all left such lovely cheerios - already used this site anyway. Might not be on much but will read. Had to adapt the nom-de-plume but, yes, it's me, Loopyloo.

Goldilocks, reason for 2 yr silence is I had a stroke just after my last BBC post. Your Orion geranium should split, according to a Telegraph article, but I multiplied Rozanne by using an old dining fork to prise away tiny sections from the edge of the clump in spring - each piece had maybe a couple of early leaves and a few hair roots. Potted up. watered and sat outside in my cool shady potting corner, they rooted quickly, grew on, were overwintered in my cold frame (in case the wee pots froze solid) and were planted out the following spring. To be safe, you could try that with Orion.

Rozanne has a big, meaty tuberous root so digging out portions from the edge is the only safe way to propagate that I've found. Am now going to buy Orion too.

Laughed at the info on your new garden. Sounds much like mine (spontaneous?), even though I designed it for minimal care/maximum effect (had little spare time then) 30 yrs ago! It's good to see you all chatting away still. Happy gardening.

Alina W

Lovely to see you here, Loopyloo - hope you're well on the mend now, and able to enjoy your garden again.


Hi Loopyloo, 

It WAS Rozanne I was talking about. I have both I should have checked my spreadsheet list. From your description I can see why I have not been able to divide it yet. It does not form separate rosettes and is not fibrous rooted, and my soil is poor, so it hasn't got big enough yet to split in the way you describe. I will feed it and keep an eye on it. There are so few geraniums that flower over so long a period. 

I have also found Aster 'Monch', after a three year search. In the end I found it at Barnsdale's garden centre shop. It flowers from July until October, very unusual for asters, and is mildew resistant. It regularly comes in professionals' top ten perennials (including AT) but you can't get it in 99% of garden centres because it is slow to propagate. Now mine is big enough to split. It will go well with Rozanne. 

ANYWAY, so pleased to see you here, and I am sure a lot of other old acquaintances are too. 

Lovely to see you back,Loopyloo,ahh, this is nice isn't it. XX


Hello Loopyloo.  ood to see you.  I wondered where you'd been and hope you are recovered now and can enjoy your garden.  I had back surgery in March and have had to lay off the gardening but I couldn't resist this morning and have been out trimming back a tatty fir hedge round my damp bed and clearing masses of nettles.  Too wet for box but the same idea for winter structure.

It's so good to be out there and doing instead of just watching the weeds run away with themselves but at least nettles make excellent compost.  


I can relate to what you saying Obelixx,  it's only in the last few weeks that I've been able to get into the garden to do things even pricking out some seedlings but now with the wind and of course this blasted rain I can't get anything else done,  I find my self taking a "Turn around the Garden" to quote Jane Austin just to see what wants doing then planning when I can get it done but it falls by the wayside.

Hello all. Another refugee from the Beeb, although have lurked more than posted for the past few years. So lovely to see all the names again!

Alina W

Hello again, Greeneddy!



Hello to you all! I wasn't on the other message board but I've been using this website for a long while although I only joined the forums this spring. Before that I used to be on facebook boring my friends chatting about flowers. 

Alina W

Sounds like a good thing to do, Wintersong

Nice to "meet" you


Hello Greeneddy 

and everyone I've not said hello to yet 


Hi everyone - I was Inajam over on the Beeb Boards - I've been here for a while, good to see you all here 

Hi all, joined the forum last night and am still trying to find my way around but did manage to introduce myself to others via a 'thread' so am receiving some great advice. Look forward to reading your posts