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Gary Hobson

Have only just noticed this thread. Must remember to go to Specsavers.

Actually I've already tried posting some snaps on one of the wildlife threads.

You can load photos onto here directly from your computer. There's no need to use PhotoBucket. Or you can link directly to images on PhotoBucket if you prefer.

No excuse for everyone not to get snapping now.

I also like the feature which enables you to edit a message after you've posted it.


This is very standard forum software, Gary. The BBC's software was from the Stone Age.


Hello everyone. I have now migrated here too.


HI Swedboy!

Gary, as far as I can see the direct upload facility is 'coming shortly' . Am I missing something?




 I decided to move here too........formerly known as lovespumpkins.


Hi these are my two dogs who have ruined my lawn and destroyed many plants.

Diana Hicks

Who cares, they are lovely!! I bet you forgive them quickly for ruining your garden and digging all those holes. Imagine how many plants you would have if you put a plant in each hole.

Hello, I have jumped over here as well.  I didn't post very much on the BBC message boards, used to lurk a lot though!  It's nice to see familiar names.

Hello too. Here under my dull office name. I also answer to 'Trillium'.

Hello, I'm here too. I decided to follow the "brains" from t'other forum

Nice to see you all.


Hi everyone!!! It's so nice to see you all here, and so nice to be able to post before 9.00 G.M.T.!!!  And to be able to post photos! And there's a speelcheeker (not used it yet)! 

The photo was a  giveaway Geoff!


Help, Neatbush, Lorea, Geoff, or anyone else that knows the answer....

How did you upload your photo? I can't find anywhere on the site that allows you do this. I can't find my scrapbook either. I am probably being really dumb!! 

Alina W

Click on "Settings", Goldilocks, and then hover your pointer over the avatar that you currently have - you should see "Edit". Click on that, and you will get the option to upload an avatar.


Thanks Alina, but I have been able to do that ok. (My avatar is an image from 'Avatar' - thought I'd be clever - No?)  What I can't do is find a way of uploading directly into a message, and can't find the 'scrapbook' that I have seen mentioned. 


Alina W

Do you mean a picture in a message, Goldilocks? That needs the little tree icon, third from the end when you're typing.

Daniel Haynes

Hello everybody. NIce to see so many new arrivals - welcome to! I hope you enjoy using the site and forum.



Hello Everyone  I didn't want to be left on my own

Daniel Haynes

Reply to Gold1locks: You can access your Scrapbook by clicking your screen name, top right hand corner of each page, then choose 'My scrapbook' from the menu. You can upload an image by clicking the tree icon from the menu at the top of the post input box. Let me know if you have any further problems.




It is nice too see some more friendly names today-this looks like good place to be plus a host/editor that actually appears