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Sorry David -  pipped at the post! 

Hello fellow travellers from the other place, Gaffelbiter reporting.


Nice to see you over here SPS and David K,  in fact it's so nice to see a lot of the older posters from the Beeb as one poster said the Beeb have done us a favour in closing it down,  there are so many different threads on here and at least we have a host that we can relate to and see for that matter,


hollie hock

Hello everyone,

I'm here too.

I've been a member here for a  little while, under the name meiow.

I've been reading the soon to be defunct BBC message board for as long. I've rejoined under this under this name.


hollie hock

Also wanted to say a thank you to Gold1locks for this thread


Hi all.  I thought I would pop over here as so many of us Beeb people have fluttered over here after being pushed out of the nest.

Paul N

Well I've arrived too and even added an avatar (a 'Freddie Mercury' rose) without melting the terminal down or affecting the Pentagon's computer system. I didn't want to move as it takes me ages to adjust to 'new' but I am looking forward to seeing how this forum works.


Hello folks, I've managed to get here too.  So glad to see so many of the great and good from the earlier site.  So far this strange place seems OK, but much to find out yet.

Greetings to you all.  Bookertoo


I have made it here too, looks a little scary at first.


Ah, hello Kate!

All back together.


Well I made the leap, found it easy to get on now have to find my way round. So Rain Evie Kate  and all, you aint got rid of me yet.



Hello Frank-I am here too but under a different name-I have found it easy to use as well

I take it you are the chap who told me about Brown Down Barracks which I thought long gone. Could tell you a few tales about that place.




Hello Frank,

 Ain't got rid of you?!  It's us you gotta worry about Frank!  Nice to have everyone back together again.



You've spelt your user name wrong, Frank.