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So you have - sorry Frank, I can't correct it for you on here! Click on your own name, that will take you to your profile page, alter it and save.

Done and dusted, the Palaisglide was a popular dance in my young wild oat sowing days, when I had trouble getting on line with Beeb I gave it as a way of making them understand it was changing, still took more tries though. Finding it quite easy now so will see what is being said.



We meet to spar again Frank  Good to see you 

Just dont mention the war Lowena.



Welcome Frank. Somewhere else to get used to, but your advice & knowledge will be appreciated. J.


Been a member here for a long time but as usual I tend to lurk everywhere, including the Beeb. Sad that the old institution will close but new doors open, I suppose.


Who me Frank?? Surely some mistake 

Glad to see a friendly face 

L x


Do you remember the episode of Dr Who where the alien leaves her victims with blank faces? 

Have arrived,somehow. Can't yet say, "arrived safely".


You are here - that is the main thing.   I find these smileys faintly alarming.


So do I KG.  I'm not even sure what emotion most of them are supposed to be 

Glad to see that you are here as well KG and Joanybird.

No not you Lowena, I was hoping for a response from Nooj my old sparring partner. I suppose I am happy to see so many of the posters have come over. Hi Jo, is there a weather thread on here I wonder.


Lion S

Phew, glad to see some familiar faces! KG, I totally agree with you about the smilies, they are frightening.


Hello FC-have changed my secret identity over here-but it is not much of a secret


Lion S

 That's a nice picture of the girls, Geoff. All is well I hope?


All is good-and you have downloaded an image -what a happy place this is.


Hello all, another refugee here.


And me. It's all a bit....colourful...isn't it?