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Gardening is very relaxing, I am in the medical profession, and gardening and beautiful gentle music helps me to relax. I really like the music that is played on the show, it helps create a beautiful seen. I have a small garden and when I am gardening I sometimes play soft music. I love music by “Vangelis” “Pearl of Tranquillity” and "Hammock” 

On a side note I have been trying to grow Lychees trees for a while now without susses, I would love to know if there are others who have tried and succeeded and would love any tips on how to grow them successfully.

I love the fact that when I'm gardening,I forget about everything else that's going on in my life and just focus on what I'm doing

I too am in the medical profession and love listening to music in the garden, i like vangelis too. Have you heard the group all angels they are very relaxing. Josh Grogan is also very soothing. Enjoy!

Hello there, could anyone tell me the title of the lovely" waltz - like" music played on this evening's (22nd june) Gardeners World - during Carol Klein's feature? Many thanks.

Has there ever been a series compilation for all the very enjoyable music on the programmes each week. The music adds to the programme and I am always left wanting to know the title and singer of various pieces of music.

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