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For Scottish viewers, Beechgrove started again last night.

For everyone else, it's repeated nationwide on BBC2 on Sunday mornings.  Lovely practical gardening programme full of tips and ideas.   Here's what we have to look forward to in the first two programmes:-

Thursday 31st March, BBC2 Scotland, 7.30pm

Beechgrove is back despite winter storms, Jim McColl, Carole Baxter, George Anderson and Chris Beardshaw and the Beechgrove garden are all in one piece, looking radishing and ready to grow. Scotland has suffered the wettest winter on record so Jim and the team wade in to find out how that affects growing conditions. 

And Chris really does wade in to Beechgrove’s newly re-vamped pond.

When Maggie Patience came to live near Aboyne she found winter days short on light and colour. Carole visited Maggie’s garden in early winter to experience the unique way she has added year round colour.


Thursday 7th April, BBC2 Scotland, 7.30pm

Jim, Carole and George are in the polytunnel planting asparagus. Beechgrove has not had the best success growing asparagus, but a new versatile variety and Beechgrove’s own compost might make all the difference. Meanwhile looking at colour in stems rather than blooms, George creates an inspirational winter interest border on a slope in Beechgrove.

Carole begins a new mini strand, Garden on a Budget. Meike and Jan Guijt and young family moved into their new home in Kennethmont just last year. Throughout the series, Carole will help new gardener, Meike mould a garden out of almost nothing.



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, but does it have dogs?

hollie hock

Excellent another garden programme Haven't seen this for a while


My favourite, although I missed it last night, it should be repeated Sunday morning, it always used to be.

i always follow what they do and when, down here in Devon.

Kitty 2

Thanks for the reminder obelix.  Love to watch Beechgrove on a Sunday morning.

Looking forward to watching the garden from scratch for the young family, sounds interesting to see what can be achieved on a tight budget.


Yep, got it on record. ,prob watch it tonight as well as GW 

Glad  Beechgrove is back on, love this program . Watched it last night, loved the way Maggie added colour to her garden. Great idea to brighten up your winter garden. Pity they don't have a cute wee dog


They have a cute wee Mr Beardshaw and Jim is lovely too in his way.  Who needs a dog?

Obelixx, your right about Mr Beardshaw...makes the programme even more interesting to watch..All the presenters are lovely. 


BL will be delighted at seeing Mr B in his rubber.....

Nae dugs Hosta....

Hostafan1. Ithink it would add something to the programme if there was a cute wee dog to look at, everyone loves dogs..well nearly everyone.

"Jim McColl, Carole Baxter, George Anderson and Chris Beardshaw and the Beechgrove garden are all in one piece, looking radishing" 



steephill - I think obelixx has come over all of a flutter at Mr B 

Can't say I blame her. I've no idea what he was doing - I was just....looking....

Watching it now on BBC Iplayer 


she's not the only one Fairygirl.



Putting water lilies back into the pond Fairygirl!!


Mr Beardshaw has my deepest respect as a gardening and horticulturalist who knows what he's doing and is articulate enough to explain it all and communicate enthusiasm and joy for plants and gardening.

I was lucky enough to meet and chat with him at the Chelsea Flower Show one year and he's lovely and not at all precious or "celebrity" important.   The fact that he's fit and decorative is a bonus.

Big fat smiley.



obelixx- it's ok...I respect him too..... 

Is that what he was doing Joyce - that escaped me slightly....

I'm teasing of course. I do think he has a really good manner and is very knowledgeable. Always enjoy anything he presents.

We've had Jim and Carole all these years - definitely need an attractive presenter now and again...


Not showing on BBC2 schedule for sunday mornings.