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Whats your review on Beechgrove??, as a beginner i love it, as it shows you how to do everything from scratch and good advice too

I agree - smashing programme and so genteel. 

Yes it is, i love scotland i have a lot of family in scotland and seen lots of lovely gardens there

Big fan of Beechgrove here too - it is so nice to have 2 gardening programmes a week to look forward to

Scott Edwards

Whilst I enjoy watching both Gardener's World and Beechgrove, if I was only able to watch one of them it would (at the moment) be Beechgrove. I personally believe it gives clearer more practical advice for a beginner. Really impressed with Chris Bradshaw's slot with a couple of families with new gardens.   



I'm a fan of Beechgrove too - and its not ousted for the boring snooker either!  

Scott Edwards

The snooker goes on for so many days that I'm bored silly by the time the semi's arrive and I'm a snooker fan! Love gardening more though!

Love Beechgrove, I think the advice is clear concise, catering for all from Novice to expert. Don't cancel it!


I'm a fan of Beechgrove too. It gives clear concise practical advice on what to do in your garden. The section on the new gardens is very inspiring and just goes to show what can be done in an average sized garden. 


I agree with you chicks, there's so many cooking programmes on it drives you crazy, it's so nice to have two gardening programmes on (a breath of fresh air) hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday 

Busy Bee2

What is good about Beechgrove is that although they are often doing basic stuff, they are always asking 'why do I do it this way?' and experimenting with different ways of doing things - like whether or not to use crocks at the bottom of a plant pot.  Without that experimenting, questioning thing, more advanced gardeners might find the programme to be a bit 'plodding', but since gardeners are all scientists in their own little way, testing, and querying, and comparing makes even the simplest task interesting.  However, after a point made by someone on another thread last week, I did notice that the Beechgrove garden itself does look more like a smallholding than a cohesive and attractive whole.  But then again, after visiting a 'proper' garden today, we did take some interest in the fact that there was a whole 'private' area of greenhouses and polytunnels and sheds.  Shame, as I would have enjoyed poking about in those!!

The Beechgrove garden is like Geoff H's was when he was at the helm of GW - lots of different plots designed in different ways but mostly about the size of an average urban plot so he could feature different plants and designs in both context and scale to which ordinary gardeners can relate.  

I like all the experimenting with plants an dplanting conditions and tecniques and composts, open ground, raised beds, plytunnles and greenhouses.  They have relevance for  a wide range of gardeners, gardens and micro climates.

They pack in a great deal of info on a wide range of topics yet never seem hirried or superficial and the addition of Chris beardshaw to the team is inspired whetehr he's at Beechrove or helping new build gardeners.





Like the format..Simple advice well presented. Its like an RHS encyclopedia. Informative but just a little cold and characterless.

Dont like some  (other than CB) of the cringeworthy  (could be a little harsh but the sauvignon was excellent tonight) presenters , and really dislike the venue -  These (or all garden) programs work for me when we see a garden developing (which at the moment is where GW is letting itself down a little by not showing enough of longmeadow as it develops through the year.

One problem I find with Beechgrove is it feels and looks less like  a real garden and  more like  a trip around different parts of an urban council park..

In the end I find it utterly flawed and a little dull. I want to see how things work in "x persons " garden as a complete entity and how the whole thing comes together.. not a silly competition about whose sweet peas look best depending on how they are grown and raised or whose managed to grow the biggest pumpkin..

I better get my coat



I find that the Aberdonian climate reflects the one I have to put up with. Wind, rain, you know... When GW starts on about "oh, all this hot dry weather..." I usually laugh and throw another log on the fire.

i'm a fan too,look forward to a peaceful half hour and learn lots while little ones asleep



ighten, "....I'll get my coat " I'll get mine too

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