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Busy Bee2

I'll let you know if our bees ever show any signs of producing anything!  For now they are on handouts just to keep them going.  Thinking of changing my name to Lazybee!

Sorry Edd ....  we use all our beeswax to make candles, and many other beekeepers keep it to exchange for fresh foundation for new frames. This helps to keep costs down.

There's a lot of time and effort goes into cleaning the wax (it has to be gently melted in a low oven and filtered) so you are unlikely to find it easy to source a cheap supply.



Busy Bee2

Yes, it is vital to speak to other keepers because the world of bee-keeping is awash with people trying to make money by convincing you you need things when in fact you don't.  Also, they might be willing to give you queen cells to get you started, and these are expensive to source. 

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