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Hi all you beekeepers. 

Do any of you keen keepers sell your beeswax?

I use it in the winter months as fuel for my indoor heaters and would like to use it again at the end of this year. I do not like to use the paraffin wax and the beeswax lasts so much longer and has a beautiful smell, while acting as a negative ionizer that cleans the air.

I am looking for 5Kg slabs but it could be in any shape, size or form. I can get it from abroad cheap but it only comes in huge amounts and the carbon footprint must be huge. It is quite expensive over here and i would like to know if members had any cheaper.

Thanks for any help.

Kind regards


Busy Bee2

I'll let you know if our bees ever show any signs of producing anything!  For now they are on handouts just to keep them going.  Thinking of changing my name to Lazybee!


Thanks Busy bee2. I hope they are ok and that they do well as we all need them.

Keep up the good work.

Sorry Edd ....  we use all our beeswax to make candles, and many other beekeepers keep it to exchange for fresh foundation for new frames. This helps to keep costs down.

There's a lot of time and effort goes into cleaning the wax (it has to be gently melted in a low oven and filtered) so you are unlikely to find it easy to source a cheap supply.




Thanks Bee.

I will just have to think about getting my own hives then. I have wanted to for years and we do have a local bee Keepers society so will start with them first and see what happens. They always have stalls at the green shows around the area.




Busy Bee2

Yes, it is vital to speak to other keepers because the world of bee-keeping is awash with people trying to make money by convincing you you need things when in fact you don't.  Also, they might be willing to give you queen cells to get you started, and these are expensive to source. 

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