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Hi everybody. I know some of you don't wear gloves to garden, I do, especially as some of the people I garden for have overgrown gardens which need sorting out.

I go through gloves like nobodies business, so have any of you got any recommendation's. Something tough but flexible.

I look forward to hearing from you. 


Yes a bit pricey but worth every penny when I'm cutting my hawthorn hedge - Goldleaf tough touch gloves recommended by RHS.


I buy my gloves from companies who supply Safety Wear, they have a great selection and I'm pretty sure they will have what you need.

Personally if I'm ripping out brambles, nettles etc I use welding gauntlets, they would be no use for general gardening but bullet proof when dealing with thorny subjects.

I recently bought some Bosch pruning gloves from B&Q.  £10 but am finding them brilliant.  I was cutting a particularly vicious berberis last week and these gloves were a godsend

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