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11 greenfinches

13 chaffinches

12 goldfinches

6 blue tits

7 great tits

1 robin

3 blackbirds

3 jays

2 collared doves

2 rooks

1 magpie

1 starling

5 reed buntings



star gaze lily

And a partridge in a pear tree..........  Sorry Nut just teasing, i'll go sit on the step again, before Kef sends me there..

I've only seen a couple of magpies and one wood pidgeon at the mo, think they are all snuggled up some where hiding from this awful weather. Usually have loads of birds in our garden. 


I kept looking in the pear tree lily but no partridge


When  I moved into my ex partners house about four years ago - his house was semi rural - during the very cold snowy winter we had that year, I looked out the upstairs window and saw six or seven birds round the base of the laburnum in the back garden (the only snow free area) that I couldn't identify. I looked out a downstairs window to see them better- partridges. They were beautiful. Shame it wasn't a pear tree!  

Nut- I've noticed we've had no chaffinches here since I moved in, yet I used to stay in a house very nearby and they were the most common birds by far in that garden. Very sad. In the 15  years I was in that house I noticed a big decline in greenfinches too.


joyce mannell

Ive given up looking  the weather is terrable the food is eaten by pidgeons 


Why cant they have this survey in the spring  or cant we tell them what comes in the garden everyday 



The greenfinch thing is very sad. We used to get them regularly in the garden, but in the last few years thhey have apparently been hit badly by a fungal disease.

How about this for a sighting, although not this year. 2 years ago for the count I had a water rail! This year nothing so spectacular, but, did have a few nuthatches and a bullfinch


I didn't know there was a greenfinch problem punkdoc. Ours seem to be up to the usual numbers. I hope whatever it is won't come here. 

I've never seen a water rail and no bullfinches since I left my last home over 20 years ago.


I have given up trying to record the birds on the rspb website; it has not been working since yesterday morning. Disgusted, The Fens

Heavy rain all day here, but I have seen sparrows, bluetit, blackbirds, robin, pigeon, starling. 

Most of the birds stayed under cover. 



Fairygirl wrote (see)

We get lots of dunnocks charley and they're ground feeders so you may be able to identify them more easily that way - they won't be sitting on a feeder! In a previous garden, not far from here, we had a tree creeper who regularly visited which was lovely.

I also had trouble getting on the site to submit yesterday but it was working later on yesterday when I tried it. 

We are lucky 'cos our dunnocks DO come onto the bird feeder! We seem to have two that have paired up already, and a third one that is trying to get in on the act. Apparently they are the most promiscuous birds of any. The males often mate with several females and end up feeding chicks in several nests.

Frustrated with the site, it crashed just as I got to the last submission page. Wouldn't be surprised if it hits the news tonight.


Good count that nutcutlet and great to see others get garden Reed Buntings also!


higgy, Those are the first reed buntings I've seen this year. I don't know if it's because I haven't been looking or because they've only just come, I suspect the former, too much of a coincidence if they turned up for bird count day.

I did have a LBB I didn't recognise. The most noticeable thing about was that when a big gust of wind came and all was disturbed, every other bird flew up and this one kept on eating.

Lancashire Lass wrote (see)
We are lucky 'cos our dunnocks DO come onto the bird feeder! We seem to have two that have paired up already, and a third one that is trying to get in on the act. Apparently they are the most promiscuous birds of any. The males often mate with several females and end up feeding chicks in several nests.
Naughty dunnocks...
Do you have one of the feeders with the cage round it LLass?  I've got one but it's not great - the cage needs to be bigger because the starlings and magpies can just shove their heads in and reach the food.  I've not seen dunnocks use it but I wonder if they'd go on one of those as there's a bit more 'perch' to sit on?  I'm sure they used the bird table regularly at a previous house.

Dunnocks don't come to my feeders or the food I put on the ground. I know they live here though. One flew into the window last year at snow time and I had to do a rescue job.


nut - that LBB would have been the 'great crested Verdun'. Never lets anything get in the way of it's dinner....

How strange that the dunnocks don't come to the food you put out. Mine seem to lurk nearby and are at the food before I'm half way up the back steps! Maybe yours need to go to Specsavers...

Type in my last post was rather odd...


Wow Nutcutlet - that is amazing - wish I had all those birds in my garden,

but that's the price I pay for living in suburbia I suppose.  I have three dunnocks

in my garden, but they didn't make an appearance when I did my count, nor

did the two collared doves, though they come nearly every day.   Does anyone

else get really worried when regular birds don't appear?  I find myself looking

out of the window every half hour of the day, I get so worried a cat or hawk has

got them!  Higgy - just realised you live on the Levels - hope you're O.K. and

wonder if you can tell me where the 2 million starlings in your vicinity are going

to roost with the Levels flooded.


Fairygirl, I think you're right about the great crested Verdun. I checked it in the bird book.

I'll make sure I enter it in the RSPB count

ffb we have got a little oasis here with about 10 houses, all well treed and bushed in an otherwise agricultural desert


Yes nut - they had a box for ticking that said 'other' 

Which reminds me- in the section they had for visits by wildlife which were hibernating- they had hedgehogs and frogs etc- but no bats which I found really surprising. I had a little bat here regularly on  summer evenings but he didn't have a box for ticking 

ffb- at my last house we had tons of wildlife of all kinds which was wonderful, but the one I worried about, if I didn't see him, was the young robin who  had his little route to the feeders  and particular spots to sit in. 


No bat box Fairy , that's sad. I have lots of those. Less last year though, I think those 2 very long cold winters thinned them out. 


2 blue tits

2 great tits 

3 long tailed tits

2 robins

2 blackbirds 

3 crows

5 wood pigeons

1 dunnock

2 chaffinches

1 magpie 

1 coal tit

1 great spotted woodpecker

and next door's ginger cat!!

Usually have more blue tits and great tits but then I haven't seen the wood pecker for ages.....of course my jay and collared doves turned up later