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Did you tick the 'other' box for the cat Daintiness...

I've taken that too far haven't I?

I'm getting stir crazy with all this rain....


Good one Fairy girl!!

I did tick the hibernating animals one but my hedgehogs have not hibernated!! I still see and feed them every evening - I think it just hasn't been cold enough for a long enough period of time.


Nut - Intrigued by your large black bird, had to be raven, rook, crow or jackdaw? The only other large black bird I can think of is cough but highly unlikely unless you live up a mountain!!?...

Fairygirl - I'm in North Somerset close to an area called Kenn Moor, now this would have once formed part of the wider 'Somerset levels' but has long since been divided from them. Where they have the flooding now is probably 20-30miles away. At one time the fields at the back of us would flood at a high Spring tide but this stopped when they build the Bristol Channel sea wall in the Clevedon area in the 1960s/70s. We still get completely water logged but fortunately it's not got any worse than that, although the garden is pretty much out of bounds for the winter months!

My Reed Buntings were typically back this morning!!...



That's the trouble with abbreviations higgy, they mean different things to different people. I had a little brown bird



I thought you were veggie nut.... did it taste good?  

I'm a good way north from you,  Higgy so we're used to lots of rain, but this winter has been exceptional. I feel so sorry for all the people who've been flooded. Seems no time since they were telling us how Global warming would mean the south of England would be frying in the summers! 

Great diversity from north to south re birds isn't there? And all lovely 



 Thank you Fairy

RSPB site still awry, I logged in, filled in the garden details, pressed continue and was thanked for the results I hadn't entered.


Me too Nut, I've had problems with it all weekend but its says we have until Feb 16th to register our results, hopefully its just traffic from everyone trying to use the site at the same time.

We had very few birds in the garden in the hours we chose over Saturday and Sunday but now the garden is alive with them, I guess they knew we were watching .


They do know Lisa.

There are about a dozen blackbirds out there this morning. 3 yesterday.

The moorhen is on the pond, the green woodpeckers are excavating the meadow and I fully expect the greater spotted to arrive at the fat balls any minute. All no-shows yesterday. They know.

Fairygirl wrote (see)
Lancashire Lass wrote (see)
We are lucky 'cos our dunnocks DO come onto the bird feeder! We seem to have two that have paired up already, and a third one that is trying to get in on the act. Apparently they are the most promiscuous birds of any. The males often mate with several females and end up feeding chicks in several nests.
Naughty dunnocks...
Do you have one of the feeders with the cage round it LLass?  I've got one but it's not great - the cage needs to be bigger because the starlings and magpies can just shove their heads in and reach the food.  I've not seen dunnocks use it but I wonder if they'd go on one of those as there's a bit more 'perch' to sit on?  I'm sure they used the bird table regularly at a previous house.

It is our bird table where the dunnocks happily hop up and eat. It is situated about a yard from a large tree with undergrowth beneath, where they can hide, but they often stay for a few minutes eating seeds on the table. They have certainly changed over the years, at one time I remember that they would just scuttle along around the undergrowth and never grace a bird table.

I don't have a hanging feeder as you describe (with a cage around it), but I do have a small bird feeder that works well - it is like this one here:

The magpies can't get on it.

star gaze lily

My birds are back, well some.

4  magpies

3  wood pidgeons

7  blue tits

1  chaffinch

2 blackbirds

4  sparrows

1 robin

Usually have a wood pecker and a jay



I've seen one of those Llass and they look much better than the cage ones. I made a cage one  myself with 2 cheap hanging baskets wired together but the starlings could still get in and were eating everything in sight. I've made a temporary cage on the ground using an old wall basket which is against a square planter and it gives the small birds a chance of some food as the big ones can't get in it. The magpies sit on it trying to reach the food and looking really angry, then slide down the curved sides! 


I've successfully recorded my birds on the RSPB website

Your magpies sound like a frustrated lot!

The tits, robins and even the dunnocks use the small bird feeder, and we have resident wood pigeons and jackdaws that have use of the bird table. I also have hanging nut feeders for the tits and a hanging fat cake for the starlings & blackbirds. I have blackbirds, wood pigeons and dunnocks that nest in my garden every year and last year I had magpies for the first time, who have left an enormous nest in our cotoneaster tree (I expect they may come back to the nest this year). I used to have doves until the sparrowhawks took them all and tits have nested in the dovecote before now.

Our jackdaws fly in their hundreds over the house, somewhat similar to how you see the starlings. They call to each other and make a tremendous noise. On Sunday when it was windy, they were having a ball up there! It's a fantastic sight and sound.



I've just managed to record my very sparse RSPB bird count too, after several attempts.  

Murphy's law - garden is packed - I repeat packed - with birds of all kinds today!!



Me too all recorded the less than massive results considering, the same as the rest of us the garden has been alive with our feathered friends today lol

star gaze lily

Still not able to do this, it just keeps thanking me but I haven't entered anything in!


Can I ask if those of you who have registered your results successfully have received an email confirming please?

I still don't know if I've been successful or not!


No, not as yet higgy. I didn't know we were supposed to receive an email.