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Has anyone on the Forum ever grown bilberries?  I grew up in Cheshire and

we called them "Wimberries" but you don't seem to be able to buy them anymore

and I just wondered if anyone knows where I may be able to get either a small

shrub or buy the seeds.  I was told they grew on the mountain slopes of North

Wales and the Lake District so I don't know whether they would grow happily

in my garden in the South of England, but I would love to try.


Hi ffb

Have you got acid soil? They need that. They grow in the mountains behind my son's house in South Wales as well. 

Hi Nutcutlet - to be honest with you I don't know whether my soil is acid or

not, so I'll have to test it.  If it isn't acid would there be any way I could perhaps

grow a shrub in a tub or something?


I'm sure you could grow it in a tub.

If you've got acid soil there'll be rhodos and azelias growing around there somewhere.


Hi ffb, I have two bilberry bushes which I bought at about this time last year.  They have grown well in large containers of ericaceous compost (important that they have acid soil) so I'm hoping they will bear fruit this year but I do know they don't produce much of a crop compared to blueberries (to which they are related.)  I actually got them to add to my collection of 'unusual' soft fruit bushes.  Unfortunately I can't remember where I got them from at the moment!


Thanks Nutcutlet - There are quite a few azelias in gardens just a little way

from here - I'll have to get a testing kit from the g.c. to be sure, otherwise I'll

get a nice big tub.  

Thanks to you too Bob - If you ever remember where you got your shrub, please

could you let me know.   I think bilberries leave blueberries in the shade when

it comes to flavour.....but that's just my humble opnion!!!!






I'll check my email archives tomorrow and will let you know!


Hi ffb, just found the delivery note - I got them from Mr Fothergills (who happen to have a special offer on them at the moment )

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