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My 6 Y O son has decided that this yr he wants to plant an ALPHABETICAL EDIBLE garden in his two old sandpit containers. He has around 15 sq ft, 10" deep, or double when his 11 y o brother gives up! Previously,he has sown seeds and potted out plants without my knowledge, and has done very well, better than when I try to tutor him! Was found, after a panicked search at 2 yo, happily sowing peas far too deep in wee pots, in our garage, not listening to our frantic calls. His grew best that yr!

So, tonight, we have tried to find an edible plant for every letter of the alphabet. He has only fallen down on 2 letters. Some will not grow in his space, so I promised that if he can find all of them, he can have some real space in the open or veg gardens. I will not help him, he has computer use tomorrow to find them, but I thought I would put it out to you all, so he may have more choices once he finishes the task. I filled all, but only by using latin names and one variety name.

The rules are

Some part of the plant MUST be edible, whether raw or cooked (he thought of some usually ornamental plants, eg roses, so hips, and was allowed)

Common Name or Latin name can be used

Variety name only allowed if nothing else available for the letter. 

No looking up in books or on internet. Just what you know.

You may be surprised at the plants he has chosen, for his age. I was struggling, hence allowing Latin and variety names. It's harder than you think!

I look forward to your ideas, the more unusual, the better. W has shown so much aptitude/green fingers, that I don't believe in making things too easy for him. He can make his choices, I'll ask for advice if I don't know, but I will essentially leave it to him. Oh, he's autistic, too! Very good at some things, awful at others, but I believe in a challenge, especially if he sets it! So the challenge is set. Don't think about growing conditions, just at least one edible plant for EVERY letter of the alphabet. Bet It's harder than Sudoko!

I will post his original list, with the 2 'looked up' ones, after seeing what you all came up with.

Bit of fun? Brain training! I'm really interested to see what you all come up with!



Fab challenge your son has come up with there gj. Enjoy it.
Edd- common or Latin name just not variety.


Vine ( leaf )


Asparagus, beet root, cauliflower, d, egg plant, f, gooseberry, h, i, j, kale, lemon grass, marjoram, n, onion, pea, quince, radish, strawberry, turnip, u, v, white cabbage, x, y, zucchini.

It's still a bit early for me, I have too many gaps and I may have cheated  


Not quite sure what's required here buf your son sounds BRILLIANT.   I like him already...ha ha.  

Cos my brain is not in gear yet can I start off with apple mint, asparagus, aubergine, borage, Beetroot, carrot, chard, coriander, ....

Sorry, gardenjeannie if I have missed the plot here so will read this thread later.  



Panda you can put these on your list

Dwarf bean

Filbert nut


Jerusalem artichoke




Busy Bee2

Or Panda - how about dandelion - he might not even need to plant that!! 

Fig?  Iceburg lettuce?


Nut tree

Vine (for grapes - is that cheating?)


U and X must be the two impossible letters I'm thinking?  Ugli fruit may not be very easy to grow in this country!


BB2  Vine is good, we can use the leaves for stuffed vine leaves.

Ugly fruit good shout, I couldn't think of a U. X I've no idea.

W, maybe winter greens  but your watermelon is a good one.


Watermelon is much better than my white cabbage!

Thanks for helping to fill out my effort.  

Busy Bee2

Can't believe I missed out watercress since I'm growing some in the greenhouse this year!  Don't think Gardenjeannie's son would have much success growing watermelon anyway up in Scotland, but watercress is a goer!!


BB2 Watercress lol.

I think we are just coming up with names, doesn't have to be growable here.


GJ' son has to come up with growable plants KEF   Not sure if we do!


Welsh onion

Vegetable spaghetti



In my time I have grown some weird shaped veggies, could be classed as X rated ... LOL. 

Busy Bee2

Xanthum gum - don't know what the hell it is, but I've seen it on ingredient lists and the word gum suggests a plant or some sort?

Busy Bee2

Oh, it's a bacterium


Ok, I'll hold my hand up, I sort of cheated, I was sure there was a fruit tree called this, but I couldn't remember what it was so ..............  that nice Mr Google helped me   ........ so if any of you want something edible for 'X', I've sort of got one 


Urtica dioca, stinging nettle, you can make nettle tea 

Can't think of any X plants but what is Xanthan gum made from?