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 Any ideas what this is and more importantly how I can get rid of it?


Looks like one of the burying beetles, they're on your side. carnivorous


I think its a ladybird larvae. leave it, it gobbles aphids.


Whichever it is it's a Gardener's Friend and shouldn't be got rid of.

And have a look at this  Fascinating! 

Oops I've squashed one, thought because they look evil they were bad

I'll leave them alone, thank you!!



Oh dear, what a shame - best not to judge books by their covers - good job you don't know what we look like LOL 

Definately ladybird larvae. The same ones were  on my uncles mock orange. They are at the half way stage.  Soon they will become adult ladybirds.


 Here's  an actual baddy I think, a harlequin ladybird unfortunately an enemy to our native ladybirds (this one was spotted in Linconshire)


I found two this morning, exactly the same. They were on the beans by the blackfly. The ladybird appears to be wriggling out of the backend of the larvae. There were empty larval cases nearby, so I assume this is the "hatching stage" or metamorphosis.





final product. another ladybird to eat all the aphids.



 Some odd ladybirds about this year

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