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I have a black lily in a container on the patio.  It is coming to theend of its flowering so can I keep it for next year and if so, how?


Cut the head off an inch below the last flower. Let it die down naturally. Keep the bulb in a frost free place until next year. Replant into rich compost next spring.  Good luck.


If it is in a pot, you need do nothing but chop off the seed heads, give it a mulch and wait - the reason for keeping it frost free is for the pot, not the lily.  Many of mine have frozen solid over the years, and some are now over 20 years old, still in thier original containers.  Feed them come spring, watch out for lily beetle and enjoy again.  I will say however, that the very dark ones, so called 'black' lilies, do change colour as time goes on, many of mine are now a deep - and very lovely - red or purple, but not quite as black as they once were.  f

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