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My roses have been wonderful this year with the most colourful blooms.  Black spot has now set in as it did last year what do I do ?

Pick off the affected leaves and burn them, and rake up any fallen leaves too. You can spray the bushes with Rose Clear which will help to protect any emerging leaves, if you so wish.

Paddy, I'd add to that by spraying the ground around the rose, then feed water and much heavily. Even if you have to strip the rose bare, do it. They look awful for a while but they recover well so don't be shy of being brutal with them, and when spraying soak the whole rose including any flowers.


My roses often get black spot at the end of the season then grow up beautifully the following year without it - until August September. If roses are well fed and watered they are more resistant to disease.

Thanks to all who have replied.  Someone suggested Jeyes Fluid but I have no idea how much to dilute it and I am concerned that it could harm bulbs that are planted between the rose bushes.


Don't use Jeyes fluid whatever you do it will poison the rose. Rose clear available from GC's and online is the thing to use.

Thanks Dave for that warning will stick to the Rose Clear.  I have taken the advice of picking off and picking up infected leaves too so will see how it goes now.  The bushes that have given so much pleasure over the summer are now looking really sad.

flowering rose

burn the leaves do not leave on ground or compost heap and give the rose a drink of garlic or better still plant a garlic clove in the soil next to the bush in question.


I've been very lucky this year as I bought 4 red roses of various types from Wilko for next to nothing and one has turned out to be completely resistant to black spot - it's the only rose in my garden that isn't an absolute mess.  I'm going to try grafting it onto ALL of the other rose bushes and any bushes that fail to take the graft are coming out - it's far too much hassle to keep spraying them which only seems to keep it at bay slightly here.  I no longer see the flowers when I look at them, just the ghastly foliage, so it's "shape up or ship out" I'm afraid!


Hi Bob for someone who knows note about grafting how will it work and how do you graft one tree onto many, ours are all the same as yours and were thinking of getting rid of all of them, but i really would try to save them if poss,one is an Alecs red Hybrid T  and the colour is a stunning deep red but black spot is just a mess. your grafting sounds interesting ,what will you actually do  


WOW bob that's really got me buzzin,and it looks like its not toooo difficult, what I need now is a rootstock for my Red Alecs HT black spotted poor rose, ,do I ask at my local G/C or have you any ideas for a good strong one to start with,and many thanks for that info both very interesting iv saved them, iv always been a grafter Bob seems in retirement its going to be  the same ,raining erin Norfolk again


I'm grafting onto the existing roses (the ones which always get blackspot) near the base, so will cut off the existing rose after the grafts (hopefully!) get going.  A wild rose rootstock might also be a good choice - I have to dig loads of those up all the time as they grow in the hedge and seed into the borders!  Been chucking it down since midday here mate and doesn't look like it's going to stop until the same time tomorrow!


Morning all, eres one for you Bob, iv looked at David Austins roses and they say the Alecs red ht is very resistant to blackspot, now i think the new ones might be but i think iv inherited an older one hence the massive blackspot, so heres the question ,can i graft a new type resistant climber onto mine as it sits beside an arch or will this change the original rose ,and i realize its a lot simpler to just buy a new one but not half as interesting, and the colour of this olden is just stunning and i like the challenge as you obviously do, Winds all night at 18mph one young fig snapped in half, central heating on a bit, and putting mi boots on to venture out ,I might be gone for some time  many thanks for the info Bob 

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