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MMP you sound like you have my sense of humour!!!!

Jokes about dangly trouser fruit always make me laugh!!


I could be wrong but isn't that the 22nd post on this thread which means the 1 page only bug has been sorted


Ta Blakest,, aren't you neat RD?

I do the plastic bottle with hole in lid too and place it in a yogurt pot buried in the plant pot(it stops the hole getting bunged up with soil) Very efficient watering system , I say....and FREE!

I use plastic bottles filled with rain water(I'm on meter)and lay them around courgette plants.They warm the soil by trapping the heat of the sun(round orange ball, just reminding me)and release it at night.

I get the flower buckets(5 for 99p) from Morrisons too and use them  as pots etc. and drip water to water the GH.

Red Dahlia, do not tip the potato's out of the bucket, just put the bucket complete into the plastic bag then top up and in time the bucket will be covered but it matters not.
If you have any old house bricks around put them on the ground under your plants they take in heat and give it back at night, depends if you wish to look at a building site or a pond of hot water bottles.



Thanks frank. My conservatory is reading a soil temp of 28 today!!! And still no dwarf dahlia seedlings showing!

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