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Anyone out there save and use pop bottles to made propogators, cloches etc?? I have for the first ever time. I have also used one to put over a fresh dahlia cutting. Do throwing it out there, good, bad, uses. Does it help in rooting cuttings?
A picture if a couple of mine. Lettuce are up, tomatos aren't as yet!

i do, i have also used old milk 4 pint bottles and kept the handle on and cut the front off and hung my strawberrys in them 

Cut the large bottles in half and you have two cloches all be one has a cork in it.
If it is cold leave them on if warm lift them or tilt them open with a pebble or stick, yes they work.
When using a tray put a stick in each corner and maybe a couple in the middle and drape clear plastic over the tray, pebbles on the bottom overlap of the plastic holds it in place a bit of tape round the top of the stick stops it puncturing the plastic, lift one side if warm and remember to turn the box each day if possible. Food bags make very handy cloches over single pots with four sticks round the edges to hold the bag up and one of those elastic bands the postmen throw away round the base. It all helps.


I have plopped one over a dahlia cutting, took the lid off and left it to its own devices!! Spray in the hole at the top to keep the leaves moist! Fingers crossed!


My two little ones drink Vimto like it's going out of fashion!  Yes, I use the squash bottles as cloches, they're the big two-litre ones, so cut them in half and use both halves - have to be careful with the bottom half as it has no ventilation hole in it!

I also use the bubble wrap that comes with the various car bits OH uses, to line big pots to insulate them against the cold and (hopefully this year) the heat in summer.  Also use it to help line the raised planter I have near the door for salad crops, but make sure there are lots of holes punched in it for drainage.

Fizzy pop botttles I save as I have some of those Watering Spikes, so my sister-in-law only has to come around a couple of times a week during summer to do my baskets and pots.  Otherwise she'd have to be around every day, and I don't think I've got enough strawberries/cherry toms/runner beans to tempt her to do that!

Egg boxes I also use for seedlings, the plastic type are ideal propogators, and the cardboard type can be torn into individual bits and planted straight into the ground.

In fact, I think the only thing I pay for are seeds and potting compost/growbags!

I'm loving it. This year I made some paper pots and I'm waiting for my sweet peas to germinate in them.

I also save the plastic tubs that meat, fish and mushrooms etc come in! I can either stand things in them or make holes and use as seed trays etc!

Why spend more than we have to! Just wish my bottles were more so similar size to my pots. I have round cloche on a square pot, but I'm trying!!!! The cutting seems to have perked up since I put in the bottle!!! Tx
I'm at it too! Doing a little experiment with Cravendale milk cartons; the 4 pint square based plastic ones. Have lined four of them up and made different sized holes in the lids of each. Have cut the bases back to create lids, plonked them in the greenhouse bed and filled each with water. I'm seeing which one drains best - ideally the one who had drains over a couple of days to help with watering in the summer. Has anyone tried those tomato planter thingermines? Round things with a sort of built in trough around the edge. Our local garden centre has selling three for ??12. 99. Wondered if anyone thinks they make a big difference to tomato yields and if this is a good price?
I. 'Borrowed' some from mum but they never made it back!!! I would appreciate knowing how to make drip feed water solutions for everyday or while I'm away!

More ideas please everyone, lets share and inspire each other. Especially if it saves us money!!!

Tootles, the things you've seen at your GC are lots cheaper on Amazon.  Others have posted on here that they buy the used flower buckets from Morrisons, cut off the bottoms and use these, lots cheaper, I've never seen them in Morrisons - then again, I do most of my shopping on-line at ASDA!

Another thing to save money is to plant potatoes in a couple of old tyres.  You can stack the tyres and earth up as they grow, and it saves having to dig (bonus).

Isn't Blue Peter still on?

Thanks m.m.paws. Great tips.
Don't seem to have time to watch tv so no clue if blue Peter is on.

Question for you all. I planted tatties in builders buckets and they are just showing. I fancied earthing up but how do I make my buckets taller withou spending lots on equipment. If not poss then I won't earth up. Just wondered if it would increase my crop. Any views or ideas??

Could you sit an old tyre on the top safely?  Scrapyards find it difficult to get rid of tyres (normally charge you £4 per tyre, or did last time OH scrapped a  car), so if you ask nicely and show a bit of cleavage, you might get a couple of old, bald tyres for free.

That made me smile!!! Would just turn up in my jodhpurs and riding boots, that may do the trick!! You know I have no idea how big tyres or the inside but are, so no clue if would sit on top.

Does earthing up make for bigger crops or just shield from the frost. Mine are in the conservatory and will then go in my plastic greenhouse, so hopefully won't get frost damaged!


Red Dahlia, get a plastic bag put some soil in the bottom and drop your bucket in the bag. The potato's grow on the Haum which is the bit that grows out of the seed potato, you earth up to stop light getting to the new potato's and turning them green, never eat green potato's as they contain Ptomaine a deadly poison.
You can now earth up your potato's until just some top green leaf is showing, they will shoot up so earth up until flowers show then let them ripen remembering to water well once bagged up, a couple of slits in the base of the plastic bag will let the excess water out.
Watering, keep some of your large pop bottles, before you go away water the plants well, fill the pop bottle with water then either drill a hole in the screw cap and upend it in the plant pot or put a material wick into the bottle with the screw cap off and upend it in the pot, the water will seep out when the compost dries and lets air into the water, if the soil is wet the air cannot seep into the bottle releasing the water.
It works on hanging baskets too.

Thanks palais!! Would I have to tip my potatoes out the buckets then?? I have about an inch or two to earth up in the current bucket!!

 Reds photo service reporting sorry i'm late

My gosh I suddenly feel demanding. Thankyou blackest!!! V v grateful.

RD, if you turn up in Jodphurs, remember to take your crop with you.  They won't dare say no then!!