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I've got some box shrubs on which the edges and tips of the leaves have started to go yellow. I've had a couple of others on which the leaves have gone bronze and then the complete shrub has died. Is there any cure or preventative measures?





Hi Chris, I don't know box blight from any other box problem but I'll get you back to the top of the forum


Yellowing is a sign of stress - normally lack of water during the summer.

Ive just moved mine and they are suffering for it. You can still get away with taking some cuttings which I have done.They just need some tlc.

Thank you for the advice, I'll definately take some cuttings to plant out next Spring. 


Chris, is the area wet?  Have they only recently started to suffer?   I think they might be overwatered ....?


My box balls in pots started to go orange/ yellow.  I thought it might be lack of feed, so i put some slow release pellets in and they greened back up.  So now i add pellets to each pot every spring, and they are all looking very healthy

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