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Planted them in October 2013 under a cloche and they are now pushing against the top

When I take away the cloche will I need netting for the pigeons to sit on ?


I've never known pigeons take broad beans 


Lucky you, they take any d*****m thing that might be green here!  I net everything that grows if I want to eat it, if the pigeons don't get them the squirrels will.  Use some stakes, bamboo, plastic, what have you, and net over these, making a cage - you want to discourage the pigeons not give them a nice place to sit.

If it is still likely to be frosty you can cover with horticultural fleece, but really broad beans don't need this as they are very tough plants indeed. 


Feel for you Bookertoo, I only have to net my cabbages and thats mainly to keep off the butterflies.

Never had problem with pigeons taking broad beans, the sparrows have a liking for pea shoots but I tend to grow them in the poly and transplant so dont get that problem any more.


Take the cloches off, you are in Bristol I believe, the plants will be fine. B. Beans only need cover in the worst of the winter

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