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My broad beans which I sowed three weeke ago appear to have been eaten. I sowed them directly in the ground with half of them having been soaked and chitted before planting.There appears to be little holes and broken shoots scattered on the surface. I have never had this problem before- is it mice and what can I do about it?



It could also be pigeons.  I've watched woodpigeons ferret below the soil until finding a broad bean seed and then lift and swallow it whole.  One bird managed half a row before I got outside to scare it away.  I grow them in small pots now and only plant out when they are several inches tall to avoid this sort of damage by rodents or pigeons.


Mine are netted and I found one chewed, i have now used a few slug pellets and no more chewed. Loads of slug slime and dead ones though.


Dip the beans in paraffin before planting an old allotment trick and works.

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