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On a whim, because it was there, I bought a reduced price cytisus from b&q.  I don't know the variety so I presume it's the common broom.  Can I grow it on in a container?


Probably but I wouldn't.   They are short lived even in the best of conditions and only attractive about 2 weeks of the year when in flower.  The rest of the year they are desperately dull and need hiding by more interesting blooms and foliage - IMHO.

Hello Obelixx and thanks for your response, which I did reply to but I think I must have forgotten to submit!  I'm going to leave it in the pot but put it at the back of the border and see what happens.  It only cost £2 and if there is any colour in the spring it will have been worth it.


It's better to put it in the ground than leave it in its pot where the roots risk being dried out from lack of water or frozen when it gets cold.  Give the pot a good soak first till all air bubbles stop rising then plant it and water again.  It will then have the best chance to grow well and give you some colour for a couple of weeks each season and then e disguised by its neighbours.

I had assumed you were planning to put it in a display pot with fresh compost and some TLC with regular watering and feeding.


Thanks again, Obelixx.  Actually, I was going to put it in a more decorative container at first but now I will plant it where it will have a chance to shine for at least a short while.



Eileen - I bought a white broom a couple of years ago as I love it. It stayed in a pot (potted on into a bigger one as it grew) till this summer,  when I planted it in a border. It flowered fine last year and this.

They don't need much feeding or extra attention  

Thank you, Fairygirl.  I think I will put it in a slightly larger pot, leave that at the back of the border over the winter and see what happens.  If I like it, I will plant it out sometime next year.

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