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Thinking about lining the greenhouse this winter.  My question is who uses the expensive uv stuff? It jusy seems alot of money. Where does everyone get bubble wrap from. Cheers gab.

You can buy rolls of bubble wrap at self storage units. I use white fleece.

hi gab i bought from City moves on the net being as were moving ,it comes in different lengths and widths and the price was the best and delivery good, im using it in the greenhouse and new garden this winter

Thanks for the replies. So is the cheap packaging stuff just as good? Was thinking of just leaving it in all year round. Hope it will last a couple of years. Thanks alan will check that out. Waterbutts is the fleece just as good? 

I don't know if it's just as good cos I've only ever used fleece. I tie strings across the vertical windows and use mini clothes pegs to attach the fleece to them. They end up about two inches away from the glass. It works for me. The thing I like is the fleece packs up really small for the summer unlike the bubble wrap.



I think I'll try fleece this yr WB. Does it help to keep the frost off? What do you keep/grow in there?  This is my 1st full winter with the greenhouse, so any ideas gratefully received.  I'm hoping to overwinter my twisted stem standard fuchsias, and start off all my veg early. It the summer I use old net cutains on the sunny side for shade, and this works great as I can 'open the curtains' on dull days.

My greenhouse is essentially cold with only a nightime paraffin heater. I keep the fleece up all winter and I haven't noticed any mould or mildew at all. This will be my second winter. Last winter it was minus ten at night and I kept things like pelargoniums going OK.

I use net curtains too - they are jolly good. I just washed mine and put them away today!


Thank, you, Waterbutts.  A neighbour gave me a paraffin heater when he saw me putting up the greenhouse, but I never got to use it last yr.  Unlike Tea, I have lovely neighbours on every side, and just sheep in front (they're the noisy neighbours!)

Yes, we have sheep on two sides and sometimes, when they escape, on three. Two delinquent ones have never been tagged and seem to belong to nobody. They spend their lives walking up and down the road side by side and breaking into gardens.


You can get big rolls of bubble wrap from the stationery store Staples, its where I got mine.


i dont know how to post a link on my tablet but go to harrods horticultural for fleece 

good quality and many sizes


thanks james i could manageto copy but not paste i will have a go later need to get tea ready


Was looking at twowest for my size greenhouse it's £35 for a bubble wrap kit seems a good deal


stupid question - how do you attach bubblewrap?

with ali plugs you can find them on Amazon or ebay. Or even at your gc. You can get a bubble wrap kit from  the link above. Just think its a bit expensive with delivery


Thanks Gab82, think I'll go for fleece instead. those plugs look too technical for me

I usually get mine from B & Q was £13.00 for a massive roll and has lasted for a couple of years.

I use gaffer tape to fit to the aluminum frame, cut the bubble wrap to the length required and stick to the aluminum frame, trouble is you end up with the sticky stuff on the aluminum frame.  Last year though I used the ali plugs which are great try and buy in bulk because a pack of ten from a garden centre costs a lot for what you need.

I insulate the roof as well. thats when the ali plugs come in useful ensuring the bubble wrap doesn't fall on your overwintering plants or heater if you are using one which obviously is paramount for safety .

I also wrap my fuschias individually in fleece after cutting them back hard and down potting them.


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