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Morning ,in the tv guide came a cat from Spalding Plant and bulb co,in it there is a Buddleja davidii in the mag it looks stunning red purple and white all in one bush,it says its a butterfly bush, does anyone know who has the mag is it one plant or a clever photo trying to get me to buy 3 as they do say they sell 3 colours as well, is there a 3 coloured bud ,im thinking of it as a nice looking wildlife bush for the garden, obviously i know nothing about buddleja, i think it may be just a sad misleading picture hope not Alan

Copied off their website:

Buddleia (Butterfly Bush) - Mixed  - Shrub Buddleja davidii   These fragrant butterfly bushes in 3 fabulous colours will attract plenty of butterflies to the garden. We supply 3 separate plants in the following varieties Royal Red, White Profusion and Empire Blue. Height supplied 25-30 cm.
Thankyou both for that ,my mum would have said thats a swiz, i find it simply a cheat to do that kind of picture, like you I wont be investing im out with that company,wot a cheat would have been nice

I have 3 Buddleia Buzz in 3 colours which I have planted very close together. As they grow they should look like one bush (I hope). This was suggested by the supplier. They are from Thompson & Morgan but I bought them in Germany.



I have a rule never to buy anything from a company that prints plants in impossible colours. Not just that mix but the extremes of any colour

Best to buy named varieties of plants....then you know the exact colour, size etc

Years back I used to buy from Bakkers......the descriptions, vivid photos and names of their plants were such that you felt you were buying something very special indeed.  it still happens in the newspapers.  

I don't like these different colours on plants anyway.....e.g.Spiraea variety boasting red, pink and white flowers on the same bush. It is the worst of all worlds....


experience, Hmmmmm. I can paint a new colour in and crop a picture.

No, I'm an illiterate really  


I can enhance a pic, crop, remove minor details etc but agree it is complicated.  Kids know more than me - no surprise there!


I remember the Bakker catalogues. Bright pink pampas grass, and roses the colour of forgetmenots instead of dirty mauve. also they had perennial borders, all in flower at the same time,even though they flower at different times of year.


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