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Can anybody I.D. this for me?

It was in the front garden this afternoon. Big body, noticeable as black and yellow, although when the wings are closed you cant see that. Photo is on an Ivy leaf.



 Can't help on the id but I have them too..........nice little jobbies and not doing any harm............or at least as far as can see


Off the top of my head fidgetbones I think its a species of wasp. I had one in my garden just the other day.


Amblyteles armatorius - the Ichneumon Wasp


Thats the one. Well done fishy. I'm glad it doesn't have a sting.

A bit different from the one I saw on the fennel last year, that had a long ovipositor.

Another bug to add to the list.   The less i do, the more I find....


Steve 309

Is this the one that parasitises caterpillars?  Or one of them?


A wonderful species FB,it targets butterfly and moth caterpillars and its larvae devours them from the inside out.Isnt that lovely 


It appears to parasitise caterpillars of emperor moths.   another one to look out for.

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