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I have taken my spring daffy.,tulip,crocus and snowdrop bulbs which I stored inmy shed until foliage died,I have now removed the old foliage,but would like any tips for storing until tie to replant.


Pete they need to stay in the ground until the foliage dies back then the daffs, crocus and tulips could be lifted and stored but the snowdrops need to stay in the ground and not dry out.

Bulbs are building up for next year as the foliage dies down, they take nutrients from the soil for this.

I suggest you put the snowdrops back in the ground, store the others dry and see what happens next year

Thanks for the Info,I'll put the snowdrops back in the garden,and the rest of the bulbs I'll store in the dry.

I wrap mine in newspaper or paper bags, don't forget labels and keep them cool or they will dry out too much. Watch out for mice.


I expect they be OK. It's no worse than cutting off the leaves as soon as the flowers are done and people get away with that. 

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