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Hi,,does anyone know anything regarding Bumble Bee feeders?

 Hi, there's project site here which I find useful. In search box ( top menu bar by your name) type  how to...., projects comes up, scroll down to wildlife and there you have choices.

I made a 'bee hotel' last summer. As for a bee feeder, not sure. Others may know and will pick up your thread. I watch with interest.


"Bumble bee feeder" does not sound familiar, if you mean feeder to revive them in the spring ,when the look a bit drowsy, I have a small, shallow plant pot saucer filled with sugared water. It has a couple of flint stones in it . It is next to bigger water filled saucer for smaller birds as they do not get a look in in the birdbath. But I have seen them drinking from the smaller dish too.It does get used by the bumble bees alot more in early spring.


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