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As some of you know, my garden will be open on Sunday 17th May, so I'm starting this to show you some photos, starting with weeding. It's more stressful than I thought, but OH and Matty are helping.

When I came back to Dordogne from the Malvern Spring with Matty the goosegrass was horrendous. Here's before and after.







Here are some weeded bits.


I see how you got your name Lizzie! 

Your gardens looking stunning! Keep the pictures coming! And thanks 


Hello this is Matty.

I am using Lizzies Log On as I can't remember password.

I am now an expert in removing goose grass  in places it was climbing up the tree trunks. I did not realise just how it affects other plants but a couple of delphiniums and a hosta have very distorted leaves where it was. They are now looking better though

I have some photos and will post them later

Brilliant there Busy giving out free plants.  All gardens open to the public give freebies.  It's a new european directive 


Katherine W

BL, where in the Dordogne are you?? I live near Sarlat!

Your garden is looking lovely!


What a lot of hard work you've all done but it's looking great.  Love the clematis.  Hope all goes well on Sunday.  When do you start the baking?.

Katherine W

PS Hope your ribs are feeling better


PPS I have the feeling that goosegrass pulls faboulous omounts of nitrogen out of the soil. As long as it is not in seed I laways bury it in deep holes wherevr I am going to plant greedy plants like pumpkins. Since my pumpkins plants grow like the blazes without any chemical fertilizer I guess it works


Looks super Busy-Lizzie.  I have an open day on May27th and am working my socks off for it.  Enjoy the day on Sunday.  I am sure your visitors will be impressed.


Thank you. Matty is baking as I type!

Verdun, there will be price tickets on the plants for sale! It is for charity.

Katherine, I live NE of Périgueux, about an hour from Sarlat.





Matty here

A few pictures I have taken of garden



 A couple more from Matty



Looking great!


Yours has always been one of my favourite gardens pictured on the forum B-L.

I'd be there if it was possible

I hope it all goes well and the weather is fair



Hope you have great weather, garden is looking brill  I'll see if I can hire the Tardis 


Thank you Nutcutlet, I'm very touched and thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

Beautiful garden as ever Busy-Lizzie    envious of the space you have for shrubs, all looking good!


wishes for Sunday  


 Tuscany is much darker in real life. Must have had sun on it.


Tuscany Rose will be out in time and so is climbing Cecile Brunner.



 Someone is guarding plants for sale in the veggie garden!