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Busy Bee2

Hi everyone - well I can report that the greenhouse is safely here at Bee Towers.  Many thanks to everyone who helped me to prepare for dismantling a greenhouse.  I took all the stuff, didn't need all of it, but might have done, so good that it was there.  At the last minute, I threw a claw hammer in the box.  Didn't really know why, but I have noticed that every job I ever seem to do ends up with me needing a hammer.  So I took one.

The glass clips were pretty easy and the glass came away okay - I was tense because I find that kind of thing scary, but it was fine really.  While I was doing the glass, the lady who sold me the greenhouse started undoing the structure.  I wished I had labelled the structure instead of the glass, which largely turned out to be of uniform size.  I was going slowly, but she was faster than me, and because she was having the ground levelled the next day, needed to get on.  If we had gone at my pace it would have been a two day job.  So am a bit worried about remembering what goes where, but am quite good at that sort of thing, and did take pictures, so hopefully it will be okay.  The nuts and bolts were all in good condition, and we have saved as many bits as we can - can probably get extras for any losses.

The killer came with the base.  It was held down by the most enormous tent pegs I have ever seen - great rusting iron things over a foot long, and buried by mud and in one area, some amateur concreting.  Fortunately, my claw hammer got the pegs up slightly, and the owner's crowbar did the rest.  Therefore, I would recommend in addition to the shopping list of stuff suggested by forum members, a hammer and a crowbar! 

It took all afternoon.  The long sections of the base (10 foot) only just got into the Zafira with all the seats down and some packing material protecting the windscreen.  It was a matter of millimeters.  And I could only transport one at once - thank goodness the greenhouse was local. 

I haven't unpacked the car - will do the school run in the other one tomorrow morning.  Have treated myself to some white wine in a very large glass this evening. 

I won't show pictures of the greenhouse in situ as I didn't ask the seller's permission, but here, for what it's worth, is the site (am in process of clearing it) and the place behind the shed that I am clearing it to. 



Orchid Lady

Glad it went well busy bee 


Great, i don't think it be long until its up and running -earning its keep . Grass needs Cutting  

Busy Bee2

Yes Perki it does!  Normally doesn't need doing until April, but this winter it has grown a fair old bit.  Am just waiting for it to dry out as we got a proper dousing the night before last, and then yesterday morning, while the BBC weather website showed us a full sun icon, it was raining again.    Should be drier by the end of the week and will give it a go on a high setting.  If I can tear myself away from the greenhouse....!

Busy Bee2

Yes, but not by me - by my cousin's very clever and generous boyfriend!!  Although I have toshed up some honey supers and frames and excluders and done the painting!!  Bee-keeping is expensive to start up, so any money that can be saved should bee!



Glad you got it home safely Bee! I look forward to seeing photographs of it going up.

We're taking ours down soon and replacing it with a similar one (I'm not allowed both any more!) So I will have to make a note of the tools suggested to recommend them to the buyer!


Well done Bee. Hope you get it erected safely.

Busy Bee2

Clarington, the kit was:

Masking tape, stickers and pen to mark up, spanners (the lady who sold it to me used a ratchet thing which was better tbh), screwdrivers, gloves, WD40, dust sheets/foam wrap/bubble wrap/sticky pads - anything to protect the glass, glasses to protect eyes, jars or pots for screws and clips, Stanley knife, plasters, scissors, hammer and crowbar. 

You could just copy and paste it from here for them B

Busy Bee2

Thankfully not Edd!  But if I hadn't taken them, they would have been!!

Peat B
'W' clips, y'can't have enuff of 'em ! If I had only doubled up on the number of 'em, then I would save about ??20 pa in replacing glass panes ! I forgot in my first 'list' to put in a couple of boxes of plasters, children's plastic balls for putting over the ends of bamboo canes. A well read copy of 50 Sheds of Grey, Self Sufficiency by John Seymour, a wind up gramophone with the Messiah, Marriage of Figaro, Beethoven's Symphonies, all of 'em. A gradually well stocked wine rack of home brewed and nicely aged wines from the garden. Binocular, for observing the birds, a flask for tea and unexpected visitors, perhaps a small BBQ for impulse carbonisation of otherwise good food, a battery charger for the model helicopter, and sun tan lotion, for dreaming away the rainfall.
Orchid Lady
Peat, the children's balls on bamboo canes, what does that do? I noticed last year while walking the dogs that a man who grows loads of tomatoes had a tennis ball on a cane in his GH but never found out why??
Busy Bee2

Peat, Clarington can just cut and paste that list too, although whoever buys the greenhouse might think they've met the kookiest Ebayer ever!  You are right about the W clips though - the more your glass is hooked in the better I'm sure.  I unloaded the car today, and had lost 3 panes , but it was a rocky journey, so not so bad.  A hard day's shifting stuff out the back - nearly there now.  Almost too scared to get started.....!  Tracey, I think people put the bamboo canes and balls out, and then when the crop below is in danger from cabbage white butterflies or wasps or birds or something, they sling the netting over and the balls support it whereas the canes would go through it.  But I am not sure how that would relate to tomatoes though...? 


Might be so you don't poke yourself in the eye. Also for the reason Bee says if they are outdoors.

Orchid Lady
Thanks Bee, I've not heard of that before but this one was definitely in his tomato greenhouse. Next time I see him out I'm going to ask him, even though I don't know him!!
Busy Bee2


 Well, in case anyone wanted to know how it was all going, I would say.... slowly! Largely down to other things happening - so today was the first day I have really had a chance to get going on this project, but I am feeling pretty pleased with myself.  First thing was to get the base down.  I was going to anchor it with the enormous tent peg things, but after doing one, I realised that it probably makes more sense to do that when the whole frame is up, because if it is less rigid there will be more give - wouldn't want to have to take them up again, and I don't think there are likely to be any hurricanes between then and now. 

Once I'd got the base back together, I ordered all the metal frame bits, like with like, because sometimes it is a good thing to have a jolly good look at stuff before starting, looking at how things are different, and spotting clues like the rubber where the glass goes.  It is also helpful to note how many of any particular piece you have got - also a clue.  Then I consulted the photos I had taken.  Then I started from the bottom up. 

I think I am going to run out of the nuts and bolts, but am hoping I can get some replacements from somewhere.  A few have sheared off where I tried to tighten them too much.  I have put the end panel on wrong and will have to turn it the other way tomorrow, but need OH's help with that one.  BTW, whoever recommended the steam cleaner - excellent idea!  Does a really good job doesn't it! 

But all in all, a rewarding day's work, and looking forward to making more progress tomorrow.  Think I will have the whole frame done by then. Many thanks to all those of you who encouraged me.  I have found this easier than I imagined so far! 



Peat B
Above anything else, keep yer sense of humour ! As the old verse goes, 'Since all things come in pairs or flocks, Whence comes this pile of single socks.'

Wilko's, that much bandied name for replacement nuts'n' bolts, is a jolly good emporium for the easy side of the market. The Woolies of horticulture, bless 'em.
From yer piccies, I am IMPRESSED. My own was done as QAP, before heavy weather set in, and hoping to impress the one who knows all, she who must. It worked. It is 'original' in every aspect, but does the job, pegged down with 2' (600mm, OR 60 cm home made pegs into the base soil. The main problem is, keeping the place clear of 'other things', he incants darkly. Stuff that one is convinced that it will 'come in handy sometime'. You look well 'organdized', in the words of Wol, in the Pooh stories.

Beware of high winds.
Busy Bee2

Hi Peat!  I am aware that all has gone quiet here at Bee Towers on the greenhouse front, but there is progress.  Basically, I did run out of nuts and bolts and ordered some on the internet, which took a few days to turn up, but were very good. I did keep my sense of humour, and did it a bit at a time.  I learned that it was best not to tighten the nuts and bolts properly till the end, when I went round and did a sweep of them - this was because I kept having to undo them again to fit another bit!  Or turn things round when I got it wrong.  The frame is properly anchored now, except in one corner where there was clearly a large stone deep in the soil that I couldn't bash the peg through.  But all the other anchors went in well. 

I now have the frame up in its entirety, and have been steam cleaning it - should finish that this morning.  The steam cleaner is good at lifting the algae, but 'chasing it off' with the steam is slow, so I worked out it was quicker to steam, then rinse with the hose.  Obviously the heat differential doesn't matter on the frame as it would on the glass, but yesterday I was rained off, so came indoors and have been 'washing up' the glass because I figured it would be quicker than the steam cleaner - it comes in through the front door, gets washed and dried, and then goes out through the back door.

Wind has been much on my mind.  Thing is, I know some of the panes are broken/missing, and I need to put the whole thing together to work out what I need to order from the glaziers, BUT I am aware that a greenhouse with panes missing is a vulnerable thing, so it would make more sense to wait until we get a patch of quieter weather for a few days so that I can get it water and wind-tight before there is another change in the weather.  Last week's conditions would have been perfect, but I don't much fancy what they are saying will happen over the next few days.  I am in no hurry.  The windowsills will suffice for now, although the tomatoes and cucumbers are getting quite big!

Peat B
As far as nuts'n'bolts is concerned, Wilko's usually have some, or any hardware shoppie, for a very reasonable price. I have BAGS of spares, just in case !

Unfortunately, where me lotty is, we have no water supply nor 'leccy, so it's usually in the old seafaring parlance, Norwegian Steam, Anglo-Saxon for carrying and wot keeps the wheels turning. Water is like a bank. When you need it, it ain't there, and when you DON'T need it, it is pissing down ! Such is life.

When you clean your frames with the steamer, consider a rinse with some moss killer, which will deter it coming back soon. Moss, up here in Northumberland anyway, is a bloody nuisance, especially on a north facing slope as we are.

Well done on your progress anyway.
Can anyone help? I have been fortunate enough to have been given an aluminium greenhouse in need of repair & reglazing. I have push in clips that go in the bottom of the roof channels with a claw edge either side of the channel to hold bottom pane stable, after trawling the internet & scouring garden centres & DIY stores I cannot find any to buy to replace missing clips, does anyone know what they are called & better still where I might be able to get some??!! Many thanks in advance

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