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My family have done so in the past - it needs to be done properly through solicitors.  If you're selling land from your garden make sure you take into account the full effect this is going to have on the future resale price of your property - get a proper valuation not just of the land, but of your property with and without it!

Our neighbours have just given us a small piece of land that jutted out into our garden from theirs. About 4 metres by 3. They had a very delapidated shed on it which would have cost a lot to demolish and which would have disrupted the plants in our garden to do so.

They donated it to us on the understanding that we would pay both parties' legal fees to transfer it to our title deeds and to register it with the land registry. A plan was submitted to the LR, showing fences and walls and who was responsible for their upkeep. A covenant was also put into the deeds to say that they and future owners of their property would be able to veto the design of any buildings that were placed on the bit of ground.

Total cost of the legal work, using local, rural solicitors was about £450.

I've never tried buying or selling. I want to know more about this also. Our garden land is just on our backyard.

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