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I've just been looking at getting some more asters into the garden, and have been looking at Hayloft website.  They say you can buy 10 young plants for £17.00.  This is a good deal but I'm wondering if I'll actually be able to get the plants to maturity without killing them.  I don't have a greenhouse or cold frame. 

What are your thoughts, should I stay safe and buy bigger plants and somehow learn to propagate.

It really depends on the weather peanuts. Buying in young plants now is ok if you have greenhouses and cold frames, but really now isn't a good idea, they won't be large enough or have developed enough of a root system to go into the ground by september. Many companies are guilty of selling off excess stock at this time just to get rid and make more space. Personally I'd leave it for now unless you invest in the GH or cold frames.


I agree with Dave, some young plants are very young and without any protection they might not see spring

ooh sorry, I thought I'd responded to this.  Really appreciate your advice on this.  definitely wont be busy any of those or any other small ones at this stage.  must put in a reminder to buy them earlier on in the year.  I always seem at least one season behind with everything. hey ho. 

thank you again. 

Hayloft are variable. Some of their plants are not good.

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